Friday, November 10, 2017

「 feature 」BETTY & STEVEN

We don't usually share our features, but here's one that I dreamt about for quite a while before finally putting it together. Some weddings have pretty much all the elements of a feature film, things that happen during the day, that we collect in the knowledge of how they can be combined. Some of the ingredients are: open and vulnerable displays of emotion, tear-jerking speeches (that are also hilarious), and just something special and magical to set it all off. For this wedding that something was actually the wet and misty weather. Weather can be metaphoric (as any Kurosawa fan can attest to) and speak to something in the story itself. Watch the feature and see if you catch what it is.

「 highlights 」ROSA & ANDREW

What a picture perfect wedding!

「 highlights 」REGAN & CHARLIE

There are a few theories out there about why certain people end up together. Laws of Attraction, I guess they can be called. We end up with the person we always needed but least expected, and suddenly all those romantic movies and love songs make a lot more sense. This person who was so recently a perfect stranger had become our favourite human and top priority. Our path to the future seems to rewrite itself, not with a jolt but with elegance and a feeling of inevitability. And everyone around us knows that our lives have changed forever, and for better.

That happened to Regan and Charlie. I can't think of a more warm and welcoming pair of families. Just great people, who are actually all trying to be even better. Who actually care and who are not afraid to show it. I hope that love and realness comes through in this video, captured and edited with love.