Thursday, August 28, 2014


After Angelina & James' concept video in the spring, it was time for a new challenge. This video is a mix of scripted and unscripted scenes. I really wanted to challenge myself to write, shoot and edit scenes that were actually planned out and rehearsed. It was the perfect collaboration with Steph and Jer as we came up with the scenes, shot take after take, and sometimes threw out scenes that didn't work. They really took full advantage of what CONCEPT can be.

When you watch, please take a moment to enjoy the opening/closing credits. It took me a full day to create them. It's a mix of time-lapse and stop motion animation, and turning the scrabble board into the worlds smallest but coolest film marquee.

There are two sections showing Steph and Jer looking through their photos. This is meant to replace the typical slide show that couples have at their wedding. I wanted to show the actual photos and have them share anecdotes about each image. And I wanted to find a neat way to segue into Steph's childhood gymnastics videos, lovingly shot by her dad.

Quick mention of Whytecliff Park. This was such a beautiful shoot! I can't get over it. I'm so happy to close the video with this gorgeous location. Thanks to Jeanie Ow for setting up this shoot - Steph and Jer's engagement shoot.

I'd like to thank Chermaine Wu for selecting the music from the Music Bed. Until the last moment I was editing without music, hoping that everything would gel once scoring was added. Chermaine chose perfect pieces and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

And most of all, thanks to Stephanie and Jeremy. They put so much thought, planning and time into this project. And they also fed me whenever they could! The upside of Jer's "hanger" issues is that I get to eat all the time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

「 highlights 」ANGELINA & JAMES

I've had the privilege of creating CONCEPT videos with two couples this year. In case you missed it, here's Angelina and James' CONCEPT, showing their lives at work and at play. I wasn't there for the very beginning of their story, but I have seen a lot of it. And to be there filming the day when they finally tied the knot was sweet indeed.

Ang and James are two real people, with a very real connection. It's something they also share with their close circle of friends. The love and support in this tight circle of friends is always apparent and inspiring.

Visually the day was punctuated by the epic Cleveland Dam, the stunning work of Erin Gilmore, just enough flowers and pops of colour, and a lot of flying bits of things (bubbles, confetti, water, and dandelions) that were just made for slomo. And lets not forget the custom Nike kicks that James told me about approximately 100 times! Yes, they were indeed eye catching!

So hats off to two thoughtful and loving people, who are wonderful as individuals and even stronger together.

Music: Always Been You by Marie Hines, licensed from the Music Bed for Angelina & James' wedding.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


When I see someone extremely brand-aware and proud of the brands they are wearing, I don’t scoff and shake my head. I nod in acceptance and understanding. I love brands!!

I don’t think I’ve ever met a more perfectly matched couple. Stephanie is someone who instinctively speaks her mind and expresses herself, things that are very hard for many of us to do. And she truly bares her flaws, as she did today in her vows AND her speech. That takes strength.

Kevin is easily the most hip and informed groom I’ve ever worked with. He was the first person to tell me about Über and a whole host of great travel apps. More importantly, he is deeply kind and thoughtful. Like a pillow for Steph to rest her head on. Like I said, perfect!

Oh and they both love brands! This wedding was FULL of them. Yes, I’m talking about Side One, Elsa Corsi, Ganache Patisserie, The Apartment, Petite Pearl, Vancouver art Gallery and the Hyatt Regency totally tricked out by Debut events. Manolo’s replaced by H&M flats when we entered the forest. S&K are only satisfied with the best, and it was an honour to be included among them. And….sometimes even Canadian Tire is a good brand :D

My favourite parts of this video? The cross-cutting of gifts and alcohol between the bride and groom. It used to be so hard to make cross-cutting really flow, but now it comes naturally. Incorporating clips from the rehearsal was a nice surprise for S&K. Best of all was the moment where Stephanie suddenly revealed that she was wearing her mom’s Qipao from her own wedding.

Kevin hoped that the timeline would work out. It really didn’t! Stephanie and Kevin indeed know how to “milk every moment” of the day! But hey, we all enjoyed those moments just as much.

Music: I Don't Mind by Parlours, licensed for Stephanie & Kevin's wedding from The Music Bed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

「 feature 」 JUSTIN & BLENDA

Cinematographer: Love Story Media

Photographer: Jonetsu Photography

Wedding Planner: Soha Lavin, CountDown Events

Ceremony Venue: Holy Rosary Cathedral

Reception Venue: Fairmont Pacific Rim

Gown Designer: Vera Wang

Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood

Decor: Colin Upright, Upright Decor

Entertainment: Famous Players; Trevor Guthrie

Trevor Guthrie in the house! How's that for a something borrowed? Mr. Guthrie showed up at the end of the night to get everyone jumping, and told us This is What it Feels Like. And when he was done they made him do it all over again!

It was a picture perfect day, with every detail chosen perfectly. Right down to Tiffany gifts for the little flower girls. I really loved at the "Justin & Blenda" branding; it was everywhere!

So how does it feel to marry your high school sweetheart? Justin knew from the moment he met Blenda that he was "in trouble." She had him hooked right from the start. He's someone who likes to get to the bottom of things, but some people refuse to be figured out.

But there was only one question Justin really had: Does she make me a better person? Yes she does, and this is what it feels like.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Life is a chaotic thing. Each of us lives in a world with 8 billion other humans, who have their own values, beliefs, likes and dislikes. Our days are filled with compromises and juggling conflicting demands. Sometimes, it seems like there is nothing stable, nothing clear, nothing 100%.

But then something unexplainable happens, and suddenly the universe looks completely different. In the space of a few days, your life changes and everything clicks and takes on meaning. That special person has entered your life.

Carmen and Daniel knew very early that they were meant to be. After only a few dates they took a momentous step. They changed their profile photos and relationship status on Facebook. They also realized very quickly that they would get married, because they are just perfect for each other.

These two spoil and pamper each other, whether it's a lavish sea cruise and picnic date for Carmen, or a simple strawberry bubble tea for Daniel, they are willing to pull out all the stops. Carmen was an extraordinary support for Daniel during medical school, keeping him fed after learning to make her grandmother's fried rice. She even slept in the on-call bed at the hospital just to be near him. And together they have traveled the world, showering Facebook with romantic and jaw-dropping images.

We were so happy to be able to capture their latest images, elbow to elbow with Camille and Chadwick of Jonetsu, at their gorgeous and extremely touching wedding at the Vancouver Club. In the video Daniel thanks Carmen over and over, and she thanks him as well. "Thank you for being so perfect." Out of 8 billion people, they found each other, and I believe they are still pinching themselves!

Photo Shoots / Behind the Scenes

I feel right at home at weddings, discovering moments and images and putting together a beautiful piece of art for two very special people. But I also can't get enough of photo shoots. I've shot several photographer promos over the years and they just make me happy. Here are a few recent behind the scenes videos I wanted to share with you. The first two are commercial shoots with David Fierro, a hugely talented man who creates magic with his camera.

This one is a shoot for Upper Canada Mall, in Toronto: And here's a photo shoot David did for Guildford Town Centre:

Lastly, here's a video I created for Florence Leung. She creates the most striking fashion images you can imagine. Head over to her website to check it out!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

「 highlights 」RAMAN & TALVEER

Secrets of wedding planning: 1. Take over a resort. 2. Fly in all the best vendors. 3. If you party too late at night, remember, you can always have your hair and makeup done while you're still sleeping. 4. Consider stocking up on umbrellas, just in case.

This was the windiest and wettest wedding we have ever attended! It looks like they are used to it in Tulum. They even have a guy who can walk on a ladder while deploying the rain covers for wedding tents! They think of everything.. I still have sand in one of my tripods.

Raman had two things she wanted her video to capture: family and fun. Can do. Family and fun everywhere! We even had a bit of spare time to go scuba diving. It really made me feel grateful to be able to be on dry land and just use my lungs. Breathe in... breathe out... Ahhhh.

Raman was also pretty specific in her music choices. It's basically what you'd have in your head after your 5th tequila shot, finding yourself surrounded by strobe lights while being carried on someone's shoulders.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

「 concept 」 ANGELINA & JAMES

Introducing CONCEPT!

This is an add-on or standalone video feature now offered by Love Story Media. It is an open-ended video project telling the story of you and the most wonderful person in your life. Angelina and James' video is mostly in the documentary format. Future videos will run the gamut from totally unscripted to written and rehearsed. Drop me a line to find out more and start developing your very own film!

I've known Jimmy and Angel for a couple years now, and as soon as they got engaged they informed me they'd like me to be their videographer. How much of an honour is that! We then chatted about doing a behind the scenes documentary about their life together. And their concept film was born!

I captured Ang and Jimmy on a variety of occasions, from a dinner party they hosted, to their engagement shoot, to a day at work. It was a blast and a great learning process as I combined all these elements into one piece. I am so happy with how it all turned out, and now I'd like to share it with you! Enjoy our first CONCEPT film!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Totally an exhilarating day, and not a wedding I'll ever forget. By the end, videographer, photographer, planner and our assistants had a little powwow, celebrating a truly awesome day. It was what Harumi calls her Dream Team: us, Bebb Studios and of course Harumi Suzuki Signature Events.

What made the day so special was an extraordinary couple. Two people absolutely in love and so happy to share their happiness. The breathtaking locations didn't hurt either: a dream home in Deep Cove, Reflections Lounge at the Rosewood Hotel, with perfectly appointed decor, and finally Terminal City Club.

And yes the weather, which was just maybe a bit too hot, and yes the float plane! Steve Bebb, myself and half the bridal party jammed inside and took the quickest possible route from Deep Cove to Coal Harbour. We arrived at the Rosewood when our assistants were still on the other side of the bridge!

All in all, an over the top classy wedding with two beautiful people. The result of this intense day is one of our best SDE's ever, which I'm so happy to finally share!

Monday, February 10, 2014

「 highlights 」GLORIA & GAVIN

A wedding is only one day, but so much planning goes into it, and even once it's over, there is the editing, the client proofing, the perfecting, and then the magazine submissions. Sometimes it takes some time. So, here it is, Gavin and Gloria's heartfelt, emotional and lavish wedding.

I first met Gavin and Gloria a year before their wedding, and in that year their wedding totally transformed. Looking back, it would be hard to imagine the wedding taking place anywhere else than at Holy Rosary Cathedral, and at the Rosewood Hotel. As you'll see in the video, these two locations are at the heart of their relationship.

I think I can identify quite well with both Gloria and Gavin. They are both a combination of the instinctive and the cerebral. They know how to be happy but also want to understand what that happiness consists of. And they are simply great people: warm, strong, considerate, and thoughtful. They are not in a rush, and they want to get it right. So in that sense, it's fitting that we're sharing their wedding now.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

「 ceremony 」GILLIAN & ADAM

Gillian and Adam's lavish and lovely ceremony at the Four Seasons! It was nice to be able to capture the gorgeous decor and put all our focus on the ceremony for this wedding. And it was exciting as always to work with Soha and the team at Countdown Events!