Sunday, July 13, 2014


When I see someone extremely brand-aware and proud of the brands they are wearing, I don’t scoff and shake my head. I nod in acceptance and understanding. I love brands!!

I don’t think I’ve ever met a more perfectly matched couple. Stephanie is someone who instinctively speaks her mind and expresses herself, things that are very hard for many of us to do. And she truly bares her flaws, as she did today in her vows AND her speech. That takes strength.

Kevin is easily the most hip and informed groom I’ve ever worked with. He was the first person to tell me about Über and a whole host of great travel apps. More importantly, he is deeply kind and thoughtful. Like a pillow for Steph to rest her head on. Like I said, perfect!

Oh and they both love brands! This wedding was FULL of them. Yes, I’m talking about Side One, Elsa Corsi, Ganache Patisserie, The Apartment, Petite Pearl, Vancouver art Gallery and the Hyatt Regency totally tricked out by Debut events. Manolo’s replaced by H&M flats when we entered the forest. S&K are only satisfied with the best, and it was an honour to be included among them. And….sometimes even Canadian Tire is a good brand :D

My favourite parts of this video? The cross-cutting of gifts and alcohol between the bride and groom. It used to be so hard to make cross-cutting really flow, but now it comes naturally. Incorporating clips from the rehearsal was a nice surprise for S&K. Best of all was the moment where Stephanie suddenly revealed that she was wearing her mom’s Qipao from her own wedding.

Kevin hoped that the timeline would work out. It really didn’t! Stephanie and Kevin indeed know how to “milk every moment” of the day! But hey, we all enjoyed those moments just as much.

Music: I Don't Mind by Parlours, licensed for Stephanie & Kevin's wedding from The Music Bed.