Tuesday, June 23, 2015


What a journey with these two! And to think, it was only a small part of theirs. Very excited to see what amazing things Jer and Steph will do in the future. I'm happy to count them as friends. Please take a look at their CONCEPT film here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

「 highlights 」CHETAN & JITENDER

Chetan is one of those people who voraciously takes on life and its many opportunities, and doesn’t ask himself, what type of person am I, but rather, what do I want to do today. He has tried almost everything. His favourite thing to do currently is to fly ultralights, and he is graduating to flying planes with engines. As he says, it’s nice to be able to land and take off again.

Has Jitender joined him on any flights? Not yet, he says. It’s something he hopes will happen in the near future. For now, she’ll keep their feet on the ground while he reaches for the stars.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

「 highlights 」POOJA & ANOOP

Life is not perfect; it takes hard work and tenacity to build the happy life you want. I've come to admire the people around me who never let up; who keep smiling even when facing tough challenges, and who know themselves and know they'll succeed. And who can do it all with humility.

This wedding was rained out. Pooja and Anoop chose a spectacular setting in Austin, Texas, and told me over our Skype conversations how gorgeous the Mandap would be. I was as excited as they were. But when the week of the wedding arrived, it was impossible not to look at the weather forecasts. Amish Solanki and I set out to shoot the location on the morning of the welcome party, but almost as soon as we started, dark clouds rolled in to obscure the Hyatt Lost Pines.

But as the video shows, the warmth between these two families is irresistible. We felt like family members and guests as much as hired cinematographers. And despite being indoors, every moment of the wedding was gorgeous, and we found some lovely light. The wedding planner Jo-Ann Schwartz scored a triumph by bringing the longhorn inside to kick off Anoop's barat.

And above all Pooja & Anoop pulled off the down home, Texas-flavoured wedding they had dreamed of. These are two people worth admiring, as much as they admire one another.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

「 highlights 」JENNY & FAN

Just one shot was set up in this video. I won’t have to tell you which it is. Right after shooting it, Fan asked my second shooter not to include it in the video. “Jenny won’t like it.” This was not communicated to me and it went in. Later I apologized, but Jenny said, “That HAS to stay in!”

Fan gets “revealed” to us quite quickly, but for Jenny, getting to know him was a long and wonderful process. She describes him as a treasure box. I'm sure there's even more for her to discover about this underwear model.

Mr. Treasure Box is a Porsche-sponsored racing driver who grew up on 90’s music. Jenny understands him well, but his musical tastes baffle her. I wonder who chooses the music when he drives her around?

Jenny and Fan knew exactly what they wanted from their video. Details, Vancouver scenery, and the Rolls, all with a romantic/fairytale feel.

Harumi Suzuki put this wedding together, and somehow had time help to coordinate the filming on top of everything else. I’ve said it before, but I do appreciate a fellow workaholic! This time, her “Dream Team” included photographers flown in from HK. They fell in love with Vancouver and told me they just wanted to stay.

That’s the reason for the first part of the video. It’s beautiful here. Especially when you’re in love.

Monday, December 22, 2014

ALYSSA & JASON º Circles of Life º

The Mitchell trilogy concludes!

I read some Jim Carrey tweets last night. Aside from being a hilarious person, he believes that in our lives we are only able to experience a fraction of existence. "As we get older, we feel smaller." I don't have children, but I imagine that having children - three amazing daughters let's say - brings home this truth.

(In case you haven't seen it, here's that other gorgeous Mitchell wedding, from Whistler BC.)

Luckily, as time passes, the Mitchell family keeps getting bigger! The circle grows. Thinking about this stuff can make you crazy, so it's nice to have some outstanding wine, whiskey and live music to remind you of the present moment. And someone with a camera to capture it all!

We are so grateful to the Mitchells for making us a part of their unforgettable celebrations. We feel like part of the family!

Friday, December 12, 2014

「 highlights 」CHELSEA & BRANDON

Life is an adventure, we all need to dive in to begin it, and those lucky of us have someone to hold hands with when they make the leap. This wedding was a portrait of a family coming together as a new adventure begins.

And there’s someone who’s eyes were lit up throughout the day, and who probably had to pinch himself a few times: Brandon. He is just overjoyed and has trouble finding the words for it. After seeing Chelsea for the first time, all he can say is that it’s so emotional. If only our language could really express what we feel.

This was another jaw-dropping wedding with Florabella, this time on their home turf. A perfectly appointed setting, with the spaces and architecture perfect utilized. Even a decorative stone fountain on the grounds of the Burlingame Country Club was integrated, bursting through the floor of the tent and becoming a focal point of the design.

All this was watched over by Chelsea’s father. My favourite segment in the video shows the two of them surveying the scene just before she puts on her dress. She’s so overjoyed with how it’s coming together, and he just offers a casual, “Well, it’s what you ordered!” Thanks Dad.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


After Angelina & James' concept video in the spring, it was time for a new challenge. This video is a mix of scripted and unscripted scenes. I really wanted to challenge myself to write, shoot and edit scenes that were actually planned out and rehearsed. It was the perfect collaboration with Steph and Jer as we came up with the scenes, shot take after take, and sometimes threw out scenes that didn't work. They really took full advantage of what CONCEPT can be.

When you watch, please take a moment to enjoy the opening/closing credits. It took me a full day to create them. It's a mix of time-lapse and stop motion animation, and turning the scrabble board into the worlds smallest but coolest film marquee.

There are two sections showing Steph and Jer looking through their photos. This is meant to replace the typical slide show that couples have at their wedding. I wanted to show the actual photos and have them share anecdotes about each image. And I wanted to find a neat way to segue into Steph's childhood gymnastics videos, lovingly shot by her dad.

Quick mention of Whytecliff Park. This was such a beautiful shoot! I can't get over it. I'm so happy to close the video with this gorgeous location. Thanks to Jeanie Ow for setting up this shoot - Steph and Jer's engagement shoot.

I'd like to thank Chermaine Wu for selecting the music from the Music Bed. Until the last moment I was editing without music, hoping that everything would gel once scoring was added. Chermaine chose perfect pieces and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

And most of all, thanks to Stephanie and Jeremy. They put so much thought, planning and time into this project. And they also fed me whenever they could! The upside of Jer's "hanger" issues is that I get to eat all the time.