Friday, November 10, 2017

「 highlights 」REGAN & CHARLIE

There are a few theories out there about why certain people end up together. Laws of Attraction, I guess they can be called. We end up with the person we always needed but least expected, and suddenly all those romantic movies and love songs make a lot more sense. This person who was so recently a perfect stranger had become our favourite human and top priority. Our path to the future seems to rewrite itself, not with a jolt but with elegance and a feeling of inevitability. And everyone around us knows that our lives have changed forever, and for better.

That happened to Regan and Charlie. I can't think of a more warm and welcoming pair of families. Just great people, who are actually all trying to be even better. Who actually care and who are not afraid to show it. I hope that love and realness comes through in this video, captured and edited with love.

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