Tuesday, June 7, 2016


The best part of life is the unexpected. I think everyone likes to act like she or he knows what to expect and how to handle any situation. But we live for curveballs.

Having filmed quite a few Chinese weddings I thought I had seen it all. The groomsmen busted down the door, just like all the other groomsmen. But then a twist, not shown in the video: they turned around and locked the bridesmaids out of the bride's room, winning back some of their red pockets in the process! Hilarious. Definitely a good moment when every person in the room is smiling.

Cutting this SDE was pretty exciting and threw me quite a curveball itself. I met Cecilia and Daniel once before the wedding and they seemed very loving but also quiet. And so I chose two songs for their video to reflect what I thought the wedding would be like. I was totally wrong and had to scramble to find a better song. I stumbled across Soar by Gyom and immediately licensed it from the Music Bed. It's a huge rush that evolves into something deeper and more gentle. Perfect!

From that point on the video just came together. Such a great feeling to show an SDE for the first time, it never gets old.