Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Rhoda and Chris shared their amazing story with me when we first met. It was truly cosmic how they came together, and Coastal Church played a big part in that. Naturally, they wanted to hold their wedding there as well. It’s a unique space with a lot of angles you don’t normally find in a church.

I love details, annd I tend to overuse close-ups, and sometimes wish I captured more wide shots. On this occasion, I saved the big wide for their kiss, the only shot that shows the impressive view from the back of the church.

The family traditions on display in the morning were a joy to capture. Rhoda was happy to let her mom be in charge of each step of the process, and I think enjoyed being able to be a part of it as I did.

The day ended back at the Four Seasons, with an amazing choreographed dance that I scampered around to properly capture. Chris is a pretty calm and quiet presence, and I didn’t see those moves coming!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

「 nde 」JENN & MATT

If there's a family I'd like to be adopted by, it's the Lams. Mom and dad Lam had three lovely children, who all inherited their father's knack for telling a good story. And who all grew up and hired Love Story Media to film their weddings! It was an honour to be able to tell their stories. It has been a blast to hang out with these folks three times over, and I'm kind of sad that it's over!

I met Matt for the first time on the day of the wedding. It takes a wonderful guy to match someone like Jenn, and that he is. You can see it in his eyes when he listens to her. Her world is his.

Lam weddings are an outpouring of love, thoughtfulness and togetherness. It's basically a group of friends and family who all love each other. Everyone seems comfy and at home. The handmade signs - beautiful calligraphy by Jenn herself - enhanced the homey feel.

Weather has been on everyone's mind here in Vancouver, with a giant cloud of smoke covering the city for over a week. Gradually, winds picked up and a bit of rain here and there started to clear the air. But Saturday July 11th was the day it really rained. But not all day. The weather cooperated. Just enough rain to clear the air, but of course not enough to put out the fire.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


What a journey with these two! And to think, it was only a small part of theirs. Very excited to see what amazing things Jer and Steph will do in the future. I'm happy to count them as friends. Please take a look at their CONCEPT film here.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

「 highlights 」JENNY & FAN

Just one shot was set up in this video. I won’t have to tell you which it is. Right after shooting it, Fan asked my second shooter not to include it in the video. “Jenny won’t like it.” This was not communicated to me and it went in. Later I apologized, but Jenny said, “That HAS to stay in!”

Fan gets “revealed” to us quite quickly, but for Jenny, getting to know him was a long and wonderful process. She describes him as a treasure box. I'm sure there's even more for her to discover about this underwear model.

Mr. Treasure Box is a Porsche-sponsored racing driver who grew up on 90’s music. Jenny understands him well, but his musical tastes baffle her. I wonder who chooses the music when he drives her around?

Jenny and Fan knew exactly what they wanted from their video. Details, Vancouver scenery, and the Rolls, all with a romantic/fairytale feel.

Harumi Suzuki put this wedding together, and somehow had time help to coordinate the filming on top of everything else. I’ve said it before, but I do appreciate a fellow workaholic! This time, her “Dream Team” included photographers flown in from HK. They fell in love with Vancouver and told me they just wanted to stay.

That’s the reason for the first part of the video. It’s beautiful here. Especially when you’re in love.