Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Rhoda and Chris shared their amazing story with me when we first met. It was truly cosmic how they came together, and Coastal Church played a big part in that. Naturally, they wanted to hold their wedding there as well. It’s a unique space with a lot of angles you don’t normally find in a church.

I love details, annd I tend to overuse close-ups, and sometimes wish I captured more wide shots. On this occasion, I saved the big wide for their kiss, the only shot that shows the impressive view from the back of the church.

The family traditions on display in the morning were a joy to capture. Rhoda was happy to let her mom be in charge of each step of the process, and I think enjoyed being able to be a part of it as I did.

The day ended back at the Four Seasons, with an amazing choreographed dance that I scampered around to properly capture. Chris is a pretty calm and quiet presence, and I didn’t see those moves coming!