Thursday, June 12, 2014


Life is a chaotic thing. Each of us lives in a world with 8 billion other humans, who have their own values, beliefs, likes and dislikes. Our days are filled with compromises and juggling conflicting demands. Sometimes, it seems like there is nothing stable, nothing clear, nothing 100%.

But then something unexplainable happens, and suddenly the universe looks completely different. In the space of a few days, your life changes and everything clicks and takes on meaning. That special person has entered your life.

Carmen and Daniel knew very early that they were meant to be. After only a few dates they took a momentous step. They changed their profile photos and relationship status on Facebook. They also realized very quickly that they would get married, because they are just perfect for each other.

These two spoil and pamper each other, whether it's a lavish sea cruise and picnic date for Carmen, or a simple strawberry bubble tea for Daniel, they are willing to pull out all the stops. Carmen was an extraordinary support for Daniel during medical school, keeping him fed after learning to make her grandmother's fried rice. She even slept in the on-call bed at the hospital just to be near him. And together they have traveled the world, showering Facebook with romantic and jaw-dropping images.

We were so happy to be able to capture their latest images, elbow to elbow with Camille and Chadwick of Jonetsu, at their gorgeous and extremely touching wedding at the Vancouver Club. In the video Daniel thanks Carmen over and over, and she thanks him as well. "Thank you for being so perfect." Out of 8 billion people, they found each other, and I believe they are still pinching themselves!

Photo Shoots / Behind the Scenes

I feel right at home at weddings, discovering moments and images and putting together a beautiful piece of art for two very special people. But I also can't get enough of photo shoots. I've shot several photographer promos over the years and they just make me happy. Here are a few recent behind the scenes videos I wanted to share with you. The first two are commercial shoots with David Fierro, a hugely talented man who creates magic with his camera.

This one is a shoot for Upper Canada Mall, in Toronto: And here's a photo shoot David did for Guildford Town Centre:

Lastly, here's a video I created for Florence Leung. She creates the most striking fashion images you can imagine. Head over to her website to check it out!