Friday, September 27, 2013

「 sde 」RUBY & ANSON

I've used the word "authentic" a lot lately when speaking with couples about my work. I truly believe that the truth is more interesting than anything anyone could invent. But it's a bit of a paradox given what I do for a living. I create entertainment. And if you've watched the videos on this blog, you know how stylized my work can be. Am I really interested in being authentic?

I'll answer that right away with a yes, since nothing inspires me more than real people being absolutely themselves. But when Ruby told me her preferences for her video, that it be stylized, slick and almost commercial; that it emphasize imagery over story, my eyes lit up. What she said meant I had total freedom to create images rather than capture moments. One result is the many "cropped" shots in the video, where you don't see someone's entire body when you would expect to. There's also the moment of what Hitchcock would call "pure cinema," where the girl's ribbon is tied. There is no shot of Ruby tying the ribbon, only of the ribbon being tied, the girl's face, and Ruby's face. But when you watch those three shots together, you then put together what's happening in your head.

This day was a joy to capture, not least because it was one of the many "surprise good weather" days we've been having lately. Ruby is wonderful and Anson is an amazing person. Both a ham and a "true gentleman" to quote one of the bridesmaids. This entire group of friends was great to be around and work with. They all cooperated and contributed to make this wedding happen. And we were happy to contribute something as well!

Monday, September 16, 2013


One thing I've tried to practice in my life of late is to live in the moment. To not hang on to the past too tightly, and not live in anticipation or fear of the future. It's only the present moment that is ever real, and by drawing all your attention to it, you can live it fully. So what of all the millions of moments that are passing by as we speak? What happens after they are gone?

A wedding is often the most important day in ones life up to that point. In this video, the concept was the passage of time and how it can make almost any event seem trivial. At some point, what was once the most important day of your life will be decades into the past. So it's worth reminding yourself to stay in the moment, to embrace it and feel it and notice everything about it, before it's gone. This is the time of times.