Friday, August 23, 2013

「 sde 」CINDY & GARY

We never run out of cool things to do with our cameras. Full credit for the opening and closing shots of this video to Amish. He'd been on the hunt for a good slomo shot all morning, and when the rice came out he flipped a switch and got a gorgeous shot. This umbrella tradition is one of my favourites in all weddings. It's visually striking and pretty powerful... even if no one seems to know what it means. It's also cool that every family has their own "spin" on this tradition.

I also love that the rice/umbrella tradition happens outside! Where there is a lot of light and often a cool breeze. Inside the Sapphire Ballroom of the Fairmont Pacific Rim? Not so much. The ceremony was hot hot hot. You can see the sweat in the video. And the light! It's a challenge for sure. Unlike photographers, who can just blast with their flashes, we have to make the available light work. With a combination of in camera settings and colour correction in post, we got a result I'm pretty happy with. And honey, we learned a LOT about honey.

And the closing ring shot? Amish took some ice, arranged it on a light, and placed a ring on the chunks of ice. The ice melted so the rings actually became embedded into it. And he shot it against a moody, blue background. Love it!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

「 surprise sde 」EMI & STEVEN

It's always fun to make people happy. Even better if it's a surprise!! We had a great morning filming Emi and Steven's prep and door games. Then we had a break. Although I was really sleepy after a busy weekend, including a wedding on Saturday, I decided to start editing! I knew I could do it: produce a surprise SDE for this sweet couple. Then after editing for a while I felt confident enough to tell Judy the wedding coordinator that I'd be showing a video that evening.

We raced around all day capturing beautiful images. Perhaps my favourite are the "foot shots" during the morning and the butterfly shots captured before the ceremony. It seems that after a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it can then transform into a helicopter. Neat!

Emi and Steven are extremely accommodating and cheerful people. They had a lot of fun during the day and were very excited to work with us and with Leslie and Mark from Sakura Photography. They also had the shortest ceremony we have witnessed, clocking in at 4.5 minutes. Somehow that was still a lot of time for us to capture great footage.

Please enjoy this video, as well as the happy couple's reaction on seeing it for the first time.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My favourite scene from my favourite film, La Regle du Jeu (The Rules of the Game), is a full grown man excited as a small child, presenting his latest acquisition to his friends: a huge automated village band, with mechanical musicians actually performing music. I decided to come early to capture the prayers that the couple had originally wanted to have captured. I had a bit of spare time and filmed a collection of chirping birds. I also discovered the clock you will see in the intro to this video. The clock reminded me of the movie scene and also visually connected to the carousel which was one of the photo locations.

The photo shoot with the amazing amazing Jana Vackova was a pleasure. Marilyn is an extremely calm person, while Shun seems quite shy and self-effacing. He delivered quite a few thank you's during his speech, after being supplied with a bit of extra alcohol as he made his way to the head table. Hats off to this beautiful and so in-love couple! And it may be appropriate to thank the many couples in Marilyn and Shun's huge circle of friends that have booked us for their weddings in the past. Thank you!

Hats off as well to possibly my favourite ceremony location: Hycroft Manor. It's just a fascinating, beautiful space. The light is always soft and flattering. Always filtered through windows or leaves, or bouncing gently off the building's architecture.