Friday, June 7, 2013

ANNIE & SIMON "Here goes nothing."

In the best stories, the whole tale is told right at the outset, with the rest of the story functioning to bring that tale to life. In this video, the opening shots and the poem are a metaphor for Simon's journey to Canada, and his meeting Annie. The sun rises over Australia and brings a blinding whiteout to snowy Canada. In their travels, Annie and Simon journeyed to Whistler to meet their destiny: each other.

Soha of Countdown Events had described Annie and Simon simply as "very much in love." I had to agree after meeting them a few days before the wedding. They seemed perfect together. They were also a joy to talk to, sharing their story and giving me the insight I needed to film their wedding. I'm sure anyone whose life is touched by this couple and their amazing families, cherishes them.

I combined three different songs to create the soundtrack for this video. I tried to present a variety of moods, from epic and ethereal, to exultant and off-beat, to impassioned, and finally to glee. With this amazing couple, just one mood would not have been enough. It's a day in the life, a very complex life, with the different strands of experience somehow combining into a unified story.

One of the most meaningful things to Annie and Simon was the totally customized ceremony readings and vows they created with Celebrant Michele Davidson. They were quite touched and certainly Michele's voice and words run through and enrich this video as it did Alden & Steven's. Hats off to an inspired and passionate artist!