Monday, January 7, 2013

Edith ♥ Kelvin { Highlights }

Weddings are such an amazing place to meet people and experience new things. This video begins with Kelvin's mom playing a traditional Chinese instrument, the Guzheng. It was quite the surprise for Kelvin to see this kick off the same day edit, as his mother very rarely plays. We only asked her to play for a few seconds, but she blew us away with her dedication and focus. She played an entire piece, beautifully, though she was bashful and asked me to not use the actual sound of her playing. But she had turned what I thought was just a touch of home decor into a living, breathing piece of culture.

Edith and Kelvin chose Hycroft Manor for their ceremony, truly the ideal setting for their wedding. In addition to my favourite of all ceremony settings, it features gorgeous old world rooms, with windows opening to reams of ivy. These became the background for most of the detail shots, including one of my favourite ring shots. An old window slowly opens and pushes aside the ivy, as the camera comes to rest on Edith and Kelvin's rings. A sweet and gentle ending, for a sweet and gentle couple.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dorothy ♥ Ken { SDE }

Something familiar, but with a twist. That's the basic recipe for creating something interesting. Not too weird, but not too normal either. Same thing makes a fun wedding, too! I could never get tired of this industry, considering the one-of-a-kind, envelope-pushing talent I get to capture. It was awesome to capture Debut Events transforming the Four Seasons, to watch Harumi Suzuki be invisible and yet everywhere, and to watch Steve Bebb get the most out of a photo shoot that was cut short.

Dorothy and Ken definitely have a twist! Theirs is a very unique relationship, extremely humorous and, even more so, sarcastic. On the surface it's hard to see any romance... but of course it's there, as is very deep emotion. The point is, they do not try to blend in. It takes courage to be yourself, to not care what people think, and Dorothy and Ken have courage to spare.

The morning was chaotic. No, actually it was crazy. I don't understand Chinese but based on Sofia's doubling over with laughter, there was some super funny stuff going on. I did pick up on the "perfect man" joke involving an oversized sausage that was prominently displayed to everyone's approval on a plate of crackers and cheese. No, it was not the standard bridal prep. It was also interesting to see the father of the bride show that it's never too late to be gangsta.

As a videographer, I like to keep evolving. In this video and several from this year, I've tried to shoot footage that is not as polished, on purpose. Footage that feels raw gives the video a more unpredictable feeling, as though you are watching something that is happening NOW rather than something perfectly packaged and served up like a frozen slice of prettiness. I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do comes across; that I'm intentionally including "flaws", and if I should allow this to be a bigger part of my style. It takes courage to be yourself, for sure.