Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Agnes ♥ Otto … Highlights

Finally my Canon 5D Mark III arrived! I picked it up the morning of this wedding, quickly got used to the menus and set it up how I like, and bam filmed a wedding with it. That's the short route to falling in love with a new piece of equipment. And fall in love I did! This camera has a bunch of improvements over the 5D Mark II which we've used primarily up to this point, and for me the big deals are the improved low light performance and the ability to record with less compression. The former allows me to break out my trusty 24-105 f/4.0 in less than optimal lighting, and the latter gives the image quality a sharpness and pop in did not have with the Mark II. Check out the running shots and look how crisp and lifelike they look. Now I need another 5D Mark III…. and another!

Finally a wedding at the Rosewood Georgia Hotel! Almost. Hawksworth Restaurant is nestled inside the hotel, and has its own management and is totally (and proudly) distinct from the hotel. I have to say I was blown away by the friendliness of the staff there, and the food was so incredibly tasty. At least I think it was; as usual we wolfed it down like eating McDonalds in a car. Such disrespect for the food haha.

Anges and Otto had something you could call a boutique style wedding. Not elaborate, not showy, but just small and perfect with every detail just right. They had us film them only from the ceremony until the end of the speeches. Because of this and not doing a same day edit, we were pretty intent on running around and grabbing tons of cool footage so we had enough material. And so we did! For key shots using the slider, I swapped the cameras to be able to use the 5D Mark III and get the slightly better picture quality.

And yes I did this for the traditional LSM Ring Shot. This time it's a tilt and rack focus shot from a portrait of A&O thru the bouquet to their rings. Both the rings and the portrait were obtained in Prague, where everything is affordable. Agnes was quite proud of how little she paid for these two items and rightly so! Because the rings and especially the photo are so great! Something old something new, something borrowed something from Prague was what happened here :)

Agnes asked me to let her preview the video so she could request any needed changes. I sent the link and she iPhoned it up with frame grabs and detailed comments and suggestions. She told me they would be presenting the video to friends and associates in Hong Kong when they have a banquet there. This made me realize that a wedding video can be more even than a precious memory of your special day; it's also a great way to present yourself to the world! So, kudos to Agnes for wanting every detail to be perfect!