Monday, February 27, 2012

Karen McNeil Photography: Spontaneity

Just over two years ago, I was contacted by Karen McNeil, an ambitious lifestyle photographer looking to set her work apart. She wanted me to ferry out to Victoria and capture one of her photo shoots. Right away we clicked and were capturing awesome images of a very fun and attractive couple. It's always great to work with an instinctive, spontaneous artist like Karen.

We originally planned to film a boudoir session, but the project gradually morphed into a lifestyle/mock wedding shoot that took place just north of Victoria. We had to be a bit snappy with one of the locations given that we didn't exactly have permission to use it. Here's to being spontaneous! It was so fitting that I was able to use some Super 8 film for this one; the organic, everchanging nature of this medium matched perfectly with the locations and of course with Karen.

It's so great to finally be able to share this video!