Sunday, December 23, 2012

Elisa ♥ Danny { SDE }

Danny proposed to Elisa on Christmas Day, 2011. Almost a year later, on the eve of their wedding, he surprised her again: booking Love Story Media for their wedding cinematography. It was extremely short notice, easily the shortest ever for us, but we were as grateful to be there as they were to have us. Elisa and Danny's wedding was the perfect reminder of the best aspect of this job: making people happy by creating something special for them.

So many touches throughout the day were carefully chosen and designed. This was definitely a "branded" wedding, with each detail fitting into the overall aesthetic. This extended to Elisa's gift bag / care package / survival kit that she gave to her bridesmaids. The groomsmen also came prepared, with a little Pelican case filled with, yes, $800,000 dollars. What's the conversion rate for monopoly money?

While filming a wedding, we're always looking for outstanding visuals. Some need to be created, such as the stop motion of the groomsmen's "shooters," or the two little umbrella shots just before Danny opens the umbrella over Elisa. Some are found. I was mesmerized by the sea of cameras and phones being held up during the ceremony. Also it gave me the feeling that videography is definitely an industry with a future. Everyone wants to capture something special.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Press Play... LSM 2013

A new brand, a new focus, and new inspiration.

Several fires have been lit, and will burn throughout the year.

Press play and join us for LSM 2013.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sofia ♥ Robert ... Highlights

Holy Rosary is the largest and most imposing church in Vancouver. For videographers, it's a bit of a tricky one, due to the challenging light, huge size and filming restrictions. For anyone who enters it, the church has a story all its own. Father Dion did a wonderful job of telling that story during Sofia & Robert's ceremony.

And as the editing suggests, we don't think all those fancy accoutrements of weddings are distractions at all. There's a sense of arrival as we see Sofia appear on the screen, surrounded by her bridesmaids. Then there was a touching moment when she opened her gift from Rob. It's just wonderful to look at someone who is so happy.

And then Sofia slipped on a pristine pair of Louboutins. During the photoshoot as I was shooting the underside of the shoes, she jokingly asked if I could photoshop out the scuffs and marks. I guess a pair of shoes can only be new once, and then they become yours.

Jasmine ♥ Oliver ... Highlights

This was a sweet wedding from Harrison, BC. I did not know Hello Kitty love could be expressed in so many ways at a wedding. Jasmine and Oliver are such a sweet couple, and it was touching to see the warmth and care that their families and circle of friends have for them. Jasmine got a bit emotional as she went around to the tables, thanking each guest. I'm sure it was a bit of a goodbye in many cases.

All this followed an action packed morning, and a really gorgeous ceremony outdoors at the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel. It was one of those sunny but not hot days, so relaxing and peaceful.

And... FINALLY!! we had the chance to work with Chris+Lynn. I have admired their work for years and it was fantastic to finally rub elbows with them. They are totally great to work with and I can't wait to see what they did with Jasmine and Oliver during the photo shoot!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sundeep ♥ Ricky ... Ricky Only Marries Once

The morning of the wedding, we arrived to Sundeep's place a bit early, to find someone hosing down cars out front. Another man arrived with Tim Horton's, and we kept hearing the word "romo." Then we saw the letters ROMO chalked onto every available surface of three vehicles, and all over the road and driveway. Ricky's allies had struck. Their message: "Ricky only marries once." Sundeep: "That's so obvious, that doesn't even make sense." There was no need to strike back; she couldn't agree more.

Sundeep is a very straightforward person. She knows what she wants and expects. And I've found that even as the level of investment in wedding in Vancouver seems to grow, those getting married are keeping level heads. And I think that we as videographers have seen enough weddings and tried on enough styles that we can be very decisive and straightforward in our work, paring down to the essentials and shooting in a way that is appropriate for a given moment.

Two examples: shallow depth of field has been around for three years now. It's time to start using it in an expressive way, and only using it when it makes sense. In fact, with the more sensitive cameras we have now, we can afford to shoot at f/4 to f/5.6, which is actually a lot more "cinematic" than the crazy f/1.2 or even f/2.8. There are two shots I love in this video which work extremely well, at f/1.2. One is the water pouring shot 40 seconds in. The second is the clapping shot at 53 seconds. In both cases, the extremely shallow look helps the shot tell its story.

The second example is "set up" shots. It's very tempting to try to simply pose people exactly how you want, in the spot with perfect lighting, and then doing a shot. But it's so lifeless and fake. There are two alternatives to this. First, anticipate what's' going to happen, and plan what you will do. Plan where you will stand and what camera settings you will use. Use your environment rather than try to control it. Second, set up a shot based exactly on something that you found. The close up of "Sundeep's Mayian Songs" is completely set up. But it's based exactly on something that was already happening. I had time to get exactly what I wanted, but it's still authentic.

When I met with Sundeep and Ricky for the first time, Sundeep talked about her favourite video of ours: Alexandra and Adam's. She mentioned her favourite edit from that video, the dance edit at 5:55. She said, "Now that's editing!" There is an edit at 2:37 of Sundeep and Ricky's video I'm super proud of. It's definitely a jump cut, but not a jump cut. It's two different shots of the couple bowing, just before doing a Lavan. The guru turning a page of the Holy Book cuts to a pillar wiping across the image, and a static shot cuts to a moving one. I just love that moment.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Corrine & David. Highlights.

Couples like to debate about who noticed who first, who felt something special earliest. Dave is clearly a man who works on instinct, and his instinct was loud and clear that Corrine was a girl to pursue. So against the ultra dispiriting backdrop of a tuition payment lineup, Dave noticed his future wife, and chased her like a camera chases a butterfly. No shame in admitting he was first!

Corrine was a joy to film on this perfect day in a nearly perfect wedding venue, the Laurel Point Inn. Dave is certainly someone who loves a challenge, such as an Ironman competition, or a free spirit such as his new wife. There was some minor but real drama with a tie malfunction that afternoon, and Dave quickly found the person who could help, and had similar enough black ties for his groomsmen.

The ceremony setting was decorated elegantly by Colin of Upright Decor. Then the sun dove and the winds picked up, and picked up and toppled the canopy harmlessly. It was an "English" wedding, with charming hats and long speeches, and even a visit by "the Queen."

We kept looking out the window towards the end of the night, and did some sunset photos with Kyoko, and closed out the evening with one of my favourite time lapses. I came away from this wedding knowing it would make a great video, and I am so proud to share it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lori ♥ Kevin ... SDE

It's time for me to catch up on blogging our wonderful 2012 weddings! So here is one of my favourite videos of the year. Poppy, happy, fun to watch. Lori has her own personal esthetic, lush and gorgeous but calm and true to herself. Kevin seems to bridge the gap between East side swagger and Yaletown sensibility. Theirs was a day of kites, perfect weather, and a heaving dance floor.

Filming this wedding was interesting. The palette matches the colour of much of the day: faded pastels and a slightly washed out look. Using our flat picture profile and desaturating even more was the perfect match to an overcast day in Steveston.

And for the first time I shot a lot of slow motion, to integrate with the regular motion footage. The newer Canon DLSRs can shoot 60 frames per second, which can be slowed to 24 frames a second to produce 40% slomo. This was great for the kite scenes, allowing them to hover a bit more. I mixed slomo with regular motion to keep the impact of the change in speeds, rather than just slow everything down with a long series of slomo shots.

It was lovely to capture Lori and Kevin's wedding, and we wish them many more days of happiness and perfect kite weather.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Rhonda & Jim. Highlights.

With the 2012 Crème de la Crème show just around the corner, we feel very lucky to be working so often with CountDown Events and their wonderful clients. When we do a CountDown wedding, we can be sure it will be gorgeous top to bottom and will run smoothly and effortlessly. Rhonda and Jim's wedding was as massive undertaking, involving easily the most lavish and sumptuous ceremony setting we have seen. And the wedding came at such a busy time for Soha at CountDown; literally all of the vendors were in awe of what she was able to achieve. Her drive for perfection and her joy at successfully creating this event were clearly evident on this day.

Rhonda has quite the drive for perfection herself. She wanted everything just right for her wedding, and had an enormous amount of patience during the morning going over every detail. She also took time to edit and re-edit her speech to her parents. As she said in the opening line, it was difficult for her to find words that were worthy of them.

The Fazioli Suite at the Fairmont Pacific Rim was buzzing that morning, and there was quite a strong breeze flowing through the sliding door pushing the drapes out, like the negative image of the Dark Knight's cape. So it had to be used in a couple of shots. First we set up a shot using a mini Fazioli piano and Rhonda's rings. It took a few minutes to arrange everything just right. We started rolling and I executed the first take. And… it was our last take. We nailed it on the first shot, with the curtain swirling and flicking absolutely perfectly. I just love this shot.

I have to add that it was fun to be able to shoot in the Fazioli Suite, given my connection with this particular piano brand. Please watch our promotional video for Fazioli, which we produced earlier this year. It is a true luxury item. Speaking of luxury items, it was a joy to work with Leanne Pedersen for the second straight weekend, after Sarah and Carson's wedding.

Last word goes to Jim, and incredibly down to earth and accommodating person. I think he defines what a man should be: so content and secure in himself that he is prepared to truly look after another person.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Candace ♥ Wayne ... Highlights

Location, location, location. Just after the start of Candace and Wayne's ceremony, Ryf the events man at the Vancouver Art Gallery led me on a game of snakes and ladders up to an untouched vantage point in the building. The Occulace. To use Ryf's words, we were "going rogue." Looking over the edge of this decorative balcony and down on the ceremony was just eye popping. In the end I really had to rush, and there is just one quick shot from this point of view in the video.

But this amazing venue also inspired a complex filming plan involving four videographers strategically placed and with specific instructions on how to move the camera and when to pick up and move to a new vantage point. It was such a fun challenge to get the most out of the stunning rotunda with staircases, railings and geometry begging to be framed and captured. I have to say I've never felt so far away from the actual ceremony itself, since I was running around so much. It's wonderful to have a professional, creative team that I can trust with getting the majority of the coverage.

Oh and the wedding? The morning was a little crazy with a couple changes in the plan. Got some perfect exteriors of Holiday Inn but was then told nothing would be happening there. I do actually enjoy a bit of chaos, unpredictability, lack of control. It's the randomness that is so interesting in life, the feeling that anything can happen. Just like Ryf, I enjoy going rogue.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sarah ♥ Carson ... SDE

This was one of those gorgeous and fun weddings we look forward to. Sarah got ready at a lovely suite at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, with her bridesmaids flitting around and helping us with her amazing dress and accessories. Sarah luxuriated in pink Valentino flip flops while we shot her incredible Louboutin shoes. Sarah says they were very difficult to get a hold of, and I think everyone fell in love with them.

For this wedding, we took along a special motorized tripod, which allowed us to get the two opening shots at Vancouver Club. We captured the set up of the ballroom, that you don't see completely put together until the end of the video. I really love this shot of Sarah and Carson dancing, with their guests and the beautiful decor arrayed behind them.

The ceremony was just perfect, definitely a CountDown Events wedding. You just can't ask for a nicer setting to get married in. It is a bit of a tight space, and I spent some time working out how we would get awesome coverage of the ceremony while being invisible. We hid in doorways and behind draped tables and got some lovely shots without being in the way.

Soha and Shar from CountDown were SO lovely to work with, and we absolutely can't wait for our two upcoming Countdown weddings this year. They are always highlights for us. Getting another opportunity to work with Leanne Pedersen was a treat as well. It's always good to rub elbows with someone as obsessed about the perfect image as I am.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Amy ♥ Zev ... Salt Spring Island

It is really enjoyable to create a video for someone we don't really know, at least until the day of their wedding, and to show them our vision of what their day was. We're fortunate that brides and grooms trust us to capture the most important day of their lives, often without having met us personally. Amish Solanki referred Amy and Zev to us, and to be honest I knew almost nothing about them or their wedding before getting on the ferry to Salt Spring Island.

I did some filming on the ferry, though it was rainy and getting dark. Amish tested out a polaroid camera he would use for Amy and Zev's guestbook. I captured a soundbite from the ferry's loudpeaker, and combined it with some footage shot in slomo. This moment is a great example of the Love Story Media style, combining the banal with the abstract, to create something strange but inviting, like a door that hasn't been shut properly.

The following morning Amish and I got up super early to capture Amy doing her morning Yoga. She is a yoga instructor so it was a must for us to be there. The intro music was a piece I shazamed that morning, being one of Amy's go to yoga pieces. Hearing this music and being between a fireplace and two very intense yogi put me in a bit of an altered state that morning. And I tried not to judge myself too severely seeing the healthy, wholesome organic food being prepared. Everything was so "of the earth," then suddenly out came the dress. What a piece of art. That's when I realized, yes it's a wedding.

Zev is very obviously a man who has lived life, questioned it, and lived it again. "I am a man who walks with integrity, truth, honesty and trust," he says in his vows. He has journeyed. We attempted to render his journey in the video, using among other a shots a timelapse shot from the ferry on the way back to Vancouver. For Amy's "freezing cold oceans," I chose a shot of Zev holding Amy, her tanned arms covered in goosebumps.

Weather played a big role in this wedding. The wind pushed around perfect timelapse clouds in the morning, but then a different kind of cloud, which washed out the ceremony. You can see the wind at work in the video. In my mind, wind operates like a mysterious agent, making decisions for us and altering our fates. The ceremony was moved indoors and it did make for a tight squeeze and dim lighting, but somehow everything unexpected just ends up making sense and fitting perfectly. Instantly the weather broke after the ceremony, and we passed the wreckage of the rustic decor on the way to a perfectly lit photo shoot. It is Salt Spring Island after all.

The video closes with two traditions: the Jewish chair dance, and a handheld camera with on-camera-lighting. The latter is something you will never see in an LSM video. It's 80s old school videography. But somehow it's perfect. It's like, genre.

It is always a blast working with Amish, and we ended the night with one more collaboration: a ring shot filmed on a developing polaroid of Amy & Zev's hands. Chermaine put the icing on the cake with a carefully chosen font; not to mention her perfect "foley" work here and elsewhere in the video.

This is our most beautiful and expressive video of the year. I hope it means something to you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lauren ♥ Jason ... SDE

“It really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Then at some point I noticed my eyes growing moist: tears began rolling down my cheeks...” - Arthur Rubinstein, upon hearing Sviatoslav Richter play piano for the first time

I was touched in so many ways by this wedding, and the emotions I was feeling translated directly into this video. I feel like the quote above applies: nothing out of the ordinary, but somehow an emotional current is present in the images. Even the mundane opening scene with people gathered at a backyard party communicates a lot. My favourite shot is a visual rhyme, with the metal tongs being used to scrape the naan out of the oven looking like the bow of a string instrument, as the violin on the soundtrack hits a high vibrato.

And then the connection to the engagement party: Lauren's sister taking the dog for a walk, cut to black, boy in street clothes walking across the frame, and steadicam into the hall where now everyone is dressed in suits and saris. Moving between times and spaces with overlap and rhyming so that the overall structure is seamless. I also enjoy how the video returns to the backyard party, with another shot of naan being served. This time a man refuses, and pats his belly. So time has passed: the naan has been eaten and we are ready for the actual henna to begin.

This section shows off Lauren's natural, cheerful personality. Effortlessly happy. It was her family that hired me to create this video, and Jason's side hired a separate company that you can see in this video. Jason is the most relaxed person, upbeat like Laruen and a lot of fun to hang out with. I love how he is totally unfazed by getting ready at his family's palatial mansion. That's a big house.

The ceremony consists of a series of telephoto steadicam shots. I am obsessed with telephoto steadicam now. It's not an easy shot to do. I zoom in all the way on my 24-105 lens, or in the case of a shot from the bride prep of this video, throw on my 135 f/2.0 lens for a super tight and shallow look. There are three shots beginning with Lauren and Jason rising that I'm quite proud of.

After Lauren's doli I played this video for her aunt. She was beside herself with emotion, and wouldn't let anyone see it. I was really happy that I was not the only one who got so emotional watching this video!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nita ♥ Sheldin ... SDE

This video is the perfect example of how a wedding can mean different things to different people. What does a wedding mean to you? If you are married or are planning to be, what is it about the wedding that excites you most? There is no wrong answer. For Sheldin's family, I believe what they enjoyed most was the togetherness and family reunion aspect of this wedding. And they must have loved to be able to see their son get married in both the Catholic and the Hindu tradition.

Nita's mother was extremely emotional during the ceremony, so I'm sure she was overwhelmed by taking part in her daughter's transition to the next stage of her life. Mother and daughter stayed very close during the much of the ceremony, eyes full of emotion.

For Sheldin, I believe he wanted to celebrate, and even more, to make Nita happy. In fact, this video was Sheldin's gift to her. That's quite the amazing gift.

What about Nita? In her own words, "My entire wedding was about the video." Wow, pressure. I'm glad I didn't find out until after finishing the same day edit.

And for me personally, nothing excites me more than a wedding with the time, space and variety to allow me to really enter my creative zone. And to top if off, a couple like Nita and Sheldin. They were so perfect to work with and really made this video fly. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lila ♥ Ray ... SDE

"Good afternoon, folks, and welcome to the hottest day of the year." This is how Brent Sheppard started Lila and Ray's ceremony. Yes, it was a very hot day, and shade was hard to find. It reminded me of Michelle & Aaron's wedding, where I was so hot and groggy that I wasn't sure if I'd survive the day. Also I was coming off a big Indian wedding and SDE, which I will be blogging next. But I told myself, that was one of the best videos of 2011, so why can't I make an amazing video today?

"And you feel like an ocean being warmed by the sun" is my favourite line from Simple Song by The Shins. It's a great song about letting down your guard and allowing yourself to be loved. I like how this lyric pops up right when Ray kisses Lila after putting on her necklace. She chose to open this gift after Ray arrived, to his surprise. It made that moment even more special.

It added extra fun that two of my favourite vendors were working this wedding with me: Jayna Marie and Jackson from Red Flash Photography. I've mentioned Jayna over and over, and she has a couple super quick shots in the video. Jackson also appears, in a super cool shot of him snapping a huge group shot. This is a very very high energy and creative photographer that will take your wedding into a different dimension. Inspiring person.

Ray told me that he and Lila would have a "typical Chinese wedding." He is a very down to earth person, that took time to work with Mohammed and Aaron, the wonderful AV people at Hotel Georgia, and all of the vendors to ensure the reception would go smoothly. And with the amazing staff and food at Rosewood, it absolutely did. Can I mention that I love the drop down screen, on which our SDE looked amazing?

I'll close with a special word used by Lila and her bridesmaids, after snapping pics as they so frequently did during the morning: "Memories!"

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mandy ♥ Bryce ... Highlights

This was a day of high emotion. It's common that emotions come out at weddings, often to the surprise of the people who suddenly find tears running down their faces. So many components of your life come to a point on that day, and the prescence of family and friends just intensifies your feelings. It was a bit of a crazy morning, and just when things were coming together there was a wardrobe malfunction. This really spiked the emotions of the day and pushed the schedule back a bit. I think it was just perfect that Alicia Keats was there, truly an unflappable and level headed person, perfect for this type of situation.

Mandy and her family miss her father very much, and his name came up over and over in the speeches, and his abscence was felt in the honour dances, where Mandy danced with each of her brothers after Bryce had danced with his mother. I don't really believe that we ever lose anyone; they are always part of us, are always there for us.

On a more cheerful note, it was a perfect sunny day with gorgeous venues. It was our first time filming in the "real" part of the Law Courts, a really wonderful space that was perfect for a wedding that was in part designed around a Mad Men theme. The layout for both the ceremony and first dance was perfect, with guests seated comfortably around and being the perfect background for our video coverage.

And it wasn't only Mandy that got emotional this day; Bryce had a moment as well, that Mandy made sure we captured. Nothing like shedding a tear, only to have four cameras swoop down on you! But the shots from that moment are just perfect, including one very similar to a shot from Samien and Chris's wedding, with the groom popping into focus as he completes a hug, tear in eye.

Ariane ♥ Carny ... SDE

Some things are just universal. MAC cosmetics. Bick's Baby Dills. The Westin Bayshore…? And rain in Vancouver. And hey, why not pay tribute to all of them while paying tribute to your favourite person. That was all accomplished in this video. I was not sure what to think after first meeting Ariane and Carny, but then once I met them again on their wedding day, I felt I had a handle on their personalities. They are fun loving and goofing in an extremely "meta" way. It is a fascinating product of our culture that we have the luxury of poking fun at the very fabric of our existence; Ariance and Carny are expert at this, and it is a lot of fun!

Ariane works at the Bayshore, but wanted to keep the showings of the hotel's logo to a minimum in the video. Carny's wedding gift, however, was very welcome, though no one could open the jar until Carny stepped in later in the evening. So symbolic… or not? Awkward.

The rain was really not a problem for this wedding, and I'll just say it's nice to have a weatherproof 5D Mark III that simply cuts through the downpour. Rain is really expressive and atmospheric, and it just made sense to open the video with a POV shot from inside the limo. I've spent a lot of time watching water droplets like that, mind wandering. For this wedding, the rain just added intensity rather than dampening moods.

And it would take a lot to dampen Ariane and Carny. It's always fun to have such free-spirited people on the other side of the camera. The choreographed cake cut lift and then the robot dance were very charming… and very "Cariane." Yes they are an inseparable pair. Even the most meta people are looking for that one special person. Some things are just universal.

Shima ♥ Parham ... Highlights

No question about it, Shima and Parham's wedding was lavish and elaborate. Shima's dresses and accessories, Parham's absolutely perfect suit, the amazing sofreh put together by Atoosa Shahzad and the many gifts that followed the ceremony. The stunning Fairmont Pacific Rim filled with beautifully attired guests. And an amazing live band thrilling and energizing a sea of happy dancing people.

I think what is so unique about a Persian wedding is the continuous expressions of love by the bride and groom to one another, and by the guests to the happy couple. All the lavishness has a point.

Years ago I was among those who thought of the expense that went into a wedding as excessive and unnecessary. But it is not enough to love someone. Love on its own is mute and hidden, and has no power. Love needs to be shown and shared; to be given and received. A wedding is the perfect platform for this to happen.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Angela ♥ Patrick ... SDE

The word paradise originally meant a walled in area created for gardening or hunting. Some of us roam the earth looking to know or possess all, and others content themselves with building a little piece of happiness, and staying within the boundaries of that perfect life. I don't know which is better, but I'd say that most of the couples I meet are the latter.

I'm not a great collaborator, but for weddings like this, I am forced to admit that I could never do it alone. Chermaine had the job of doing basically everything. That's a lot. But never does she get stressed or overwhelmed. She makes it possible for me to do what I do. Amish joined us today and acted as driver, consultant, and pretty amazing steadicam op for the motorcycle portion. Aside from his trunk door hitting me on the head at least 5 times, it was the perfect collaboration. Finally, it was amazing to work with photographers Raymond and Jesse again! Check them out; their work is beautiful and they are so fun and exciting to work with.

Angela and Patrick approached me just over a year ago, with the idea of including motorcycle footage with their wedding video. It so happened that soon after, we filmed Mei & Danny's wedding, with bikes galore. Their SDE blew Patrick's mind, but I told him we wanted to do even better with his wedding.

Alongside the footage shot from Amish's car - either with a camera mounted with a suction cup, or me sitting in the trunk with a steadicam - we decided to do some filming from land, to really get a sense of the speed and power of the bikes. I incorporated the sound of the bikes, which adds so much to the sense of being there. We also did some slomo filming to add that epic feeling of the intro. I am really happy with how it turned out.

Forming the rest of the slow motion intro are shots of the flower girl jumping on a bed. You'll notice fruits and sprigs of leaves bouncing around. This is a Chinese fertility tradition, which you can read about here. Interesting stuff. And hey, once you've found the right person, it just makes sense to raise the four walls and create your own paradise together.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ivy ♥ Patrick ... Highlights

It's a paradox that sometimes it's the couples that I know the least can end up having the most inspiring weddings. For example Abby & Denis, who I first met on the day of their wedding. I think it's a combination of discovering brand new people which is always thrilling, and being presented with a blank piece of paper to put just about anything on. I did meet with Ivy and Patrick just before the wedding, but let's just say they were reticent!

It was also great to discover Cecil Green Park House, which we only briefly swooped down on for Dilshad & Tim's wedding ceremony in 2010. Spaces are inspiring, and the library adjoining the bridal room at this venue definitely got me thinking.

And I have to say I love these self-planned, selfmade weddings where everyone chips in. It's just charming. It was the ideal wedding to work on with Leslie and Mark of Sakura Photography. I'm always floored by the work they do, discovering gorgeous images in places I hadn't even looked. Can't wait to see what they came up with this time around.

It was awesome editing this one with Chermaine. Just like Lennon & McCartney!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Agnes ♥ Otto … Highlights

Finally my Canon 5D Mark III arrived! I picked it up the morning of this wedding, quickly got used to the menus and set it up how I like, and bam filmed a wedding with it. That's the short route to falling in love with a new piece of equipment. And fall in love I did! This camera has a bunch of improvements over the 5D Mark II which we've used primarily up to this point, and for me the big deals are the improved low light performance and the ability to record with less compression. The former allows me to break out my trusty 24-105 f/4.0 in less than optimal lighting, and the latter gives the image quality a sharpness and pop in did not have with the Mark II. Check out the running shots and look how crisp and lifelike they look. Now I need another 5D Mark III…. and another!

Finally a wedding at the Rosewood Georgia Hotel! Almost. Hawksworth Restaurant is nestled inside the hotel, and has its own management and is totally (and proudly) distinct from the hotel. I have to say I was blown away by the friendliness of the staff there, and the food was so incredibly tasty. At least I think it was; as usual we wolfed it down like eating McDonalds in a car. Such disrespect for the food haha.

Anges and Otto had something you could call a boutique style wedding. Not elaborate, not showy, but just small and perfect with every detail just right. They had us film them only from the ceremony until the end of the speeches. Because of this and not doing a same day edit, we were pretty intent on running around and grabbing tons of cool footage so we had enough material. And so we did! For key shots using the slider, I swapped the cameras to be able to use the 5D Mark III and get the slightly better picture quality.

And yes I did this for the traditional LSM Ring Shot. This time it's a tilt and rack focus shot from a portrait of A&O thru the bouquet to their rings. Both the rings and the portrait were obtained in Prague, where everything is affordable. Agnes was quite proud of how little she paid for these two items and rightly so! Because the rings and especially the photo are so great! Something old something new, something borrowed something from Prague was what happened here :)

Agnes asked me to let her preview the video so she could request any needed changes. I sent the link and she iPhoned it up with frame grabs and detailed comments and suggestions. She told me they would be presenting the video to friends and associates in Hong Kong when they have a banquet there. This made me realize that a wedding video can be more even than a precious memory of your special day; it's also a great way to present yourself to the world! So, kudos to Agnes for wanting every detail to be perfect!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ashley ♥ Nathan ... SDE

What a great way to kick off the year! Every time we have a wedding with Tanya at Milestone Events, we know we are in for something big. Dilshad & Tim, anyone? It's so much fun, and so great to have all that "content" for our videos. Tanya was totally fearless planning Ashley and Nate's wedding, even as it grew and grew. A month before the wedding we had a production meeting: a two hour chat over popcorn and sparkling wine going through an 18 page itinerary.

Near the end of the meeting, Ashley's mother Mary Martin suddenly had the idea of adding a Bhangra performance to the reception. Tanya was a little surprised by the idea but within a day it was arranged. Checking in with me as I was finishing up the SDE, Tanya asked me to include a couple of snippets, which I did! And I had to include a bit of Nearly Neil and ABRA Cadabra, two awesome tribute acts.

This was not only a wedding but also a family reunion, with over a hundred guests arriving from Calgary and back east. Perhaps that's why "Alberta beef" was included in one of the hors d'oeuvres. Ash and Nate asked us to pay special attention to their grandparents, and to capture peoples voices throughout the day. They didn't want the entire focus to be on them. I also made sure to get shots of the colour coded limos. I'm not usually a fan but traveling in a colossal limo with Ashley and her family to the church was a treat. Especially with the "wedding music" supplied by Mary.

The last word goes to Nate. He's a rock! A slab of granite. Who also knows how to get the most out of life! The pastor gave him a little look when saying the line about "high expectations." I'm sure Nate is only to happy to prove he that he can meet them.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Yuya ♥ Anban: The Engagement

Yuya and I are facebook friends, and through her status updates I've been treated to images of Hello Kitty, Happy her fluffy white cat, cute food, cute iPhone accessories, and all sorts of things that are pink. It's great! Aside from not wearing her funky black frames, Yuya's engagement party was pretty much the same idea.

The amazing and wonderful makeup artist Jayna Marie pinkified Yuya and then it was off to Bridges Restaurant to meet Anban. It was a full on engagement with a ring exchange and a signing ceremony. They are officially engaged! The wedding is happening later this year in China; I so wish we could make it...

Then, umbrellas in hand, it was off for a tour around Granville Island with Leslie from Sakura Photography. I always recommend her to couples! Her work is just gorgeous. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Yuya and Anban are so ridiculously cute together that it's not fair, but the rest of us get to watch the video!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

FAZIOLI: Music Sounds Better on the World's Finest Pianos

After filming weddings almost exclusively for five years, Love Story Media now offers commercial videography. This video was commissioned by Showcase Pianos, the exclusive dealer in BC for the very rare and highly acclaimed Fazioli piano. We were asked to create a short, memorable video that would create excitement around this luxury class product and define what is so special about the Fazioli piano. The video will be displayed at both Showcase Pianos locations and as part of Fazioli promotional campaigns around the world.

Filming took place at White Rock Baptist Church, three private residences including a truly grand penthouse apartment, and at the stunning Showcase Pianos in Aberdeen Centre, Richmond. We had the opportunity to meet Ingegnere Fazioli himself, and capture two extremely talented young artists performing on fine Fazioli specimens.

On a personal note it was an honour to be allowed to film Angela Hewitt and even more so to steal a few moments of her time for an interview. She is a living legend and a great Canadian artist. This was a thrilling and inspiring project that opened my eyes to the creative possibilities in commercial video.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The 2nd Annual BC Wedding Awards · The Woscars!!

Every December, after the flurry and bustle of the wedding season has passed, the cream of the industry gather to mingle, party and celebrate their accomplishments. 2010 was the inaugural year, and we were totally thrilled to win the award for Best Videography/Cinematography! What a great feeling. It was a great night, but the 2011 awards were even better! Er... one million times better to be exact! I have to admit, the anticipation leading up to the videography award was a bit more than I could take. I sort of hid in my seat, pretty much expecting someone else to win. How could we win again? The other submissions seemed awesome. But then, lightning struck again! And our name was announced... "Love Story Media!" Incredible. Such a great great feeling.

Check out this great video for a fun look at this event, and watch for a couple snippets of yours truly with the Wedding Belles. I love being on camera!

It honestly felt just like the Oscars. In fact, the awards show was christened as the Woscars by our hosts the Wedding Belles, and the name seems to be sticking! I would love if the 2012 Woscars were broadcast on TV... stay tuned!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Karen McNeil Photography: Spontaneity

Just over two years ago, I was contacted by Karen McNeil, an ambitious lifestyle photographer looking to set her work apart. She wanted me to ferry out to Victoria and capture one of her photo shoots. Right away we clicked and were capturing awesome images of a very fun and attractive couple. It's always great to work with an instinctive, spontaneous artist like Karen.

We originally planned to film a boudoir session, but the project gradually morphed into a lifestyle/mock wedding shoot that took place just north of Victoria. We had to be a bit snappy with one of the locations given that we didn't exactly have permission to use it. Here's to being spontaneous! It was so fitting that I was able to use some Super 8 film for this one; the organic, everchanging nature of this medium matched perfectly with the locations and of course with Karen.

It's so great to finally be able to share this video!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bling Bling!

Our promo video from the 2011 Bling Boutique Bridal Show, held at the Rosewood Georgia Hotel in Vancouver. This was the second year of a wedding show created by Harumi Suzuki. It was a lot of fun and a great chance for brides and grooms to interact with some of the finest vendors in the city. And to sample some extremely yummy sweets and hors d'oeuvres. Be sure to join us this year for Bling 2012!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sisi ♥ Peter ... Highlights

It's so great to meet new people, that you would never meet in your every day life. It's fascinating to take a look at someone else's life and how they view themselves; and their take on wedding traditions is a great starting point. Sisi and Peter booked with us very last minute, for their December 28th wedding. They did not have any family on hand and only a few friends. This video will be their way of telling their parents they are married, so they wanted a video that would give them the "fairy tale, movie style wedding." We did our very best to give Sisi and Peter just that.

It was a very short day, capped off by a long drive to Mount Seymour for a photo shoot. The weather got the better of us so the photo session was very brief. But as always we attempted to capture beautiful footage throughout the day and had no trouble putting together this highlight video. Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ishita ♥ Deepak ... SDE

Six shoots spread across a week, encompassing two religions and leading up to an incredible New Years bash, this is Ishita and Deepak's wedding. We're very happy with this edit, the flow and the perfection of each shot. My favourite shot is the one of Deepak's hand offering rice to the Sacred Fire, perfect movement with the transparent pillar sliding into the foreground as the fire sparks up.

Our final wedding of 2011, and the first wedding we have done with Countdown Events. Hopefully the first of many.

We would like to thank all our clients from the past year, for making it possible for us to do what we love! We can't wait to share you full length videos with you and meet you again in 2012!!