Thursday, October 27, 2011

Joy ♥ Preston ... SDE

I still get nervous before weddings. Before every wedding. I just did a count and I've filmed over 110 weddings. But I still feel like I can't really be sure how a given wedding is going to turn out. Which videos are going to be the ones that really stand out.

This wedding came at a sort of hinge point: the day before our trip to Hawaii. There was so much to sort out the previous week, and my friends know how crazy the Friday before the wedding was. But when I showed up at Joy's parents place Saturday morning, I felt ready and inspired. Relaxed. It helped that Ellen was the photographer.

Also brilliant was the fact that Joy had hired Jayna and booked her celebrity package - meaning that Jayna would be at her side throughout the day keeping her drop dead gorgeous. I told Jayna that I would write the following in this blog entry: Even if Jayna was a terrible makeup artist, I'd still recommend that brides hire her. Because... she is amazing. She'll take great care of you. She will be your advocate, your cheerleader and your most honest voice to help you navigate what is a very challenging day. But guess what. On top of all that, she IS a phenomenal makeup artist. Hire her.

The wedding speaks for itself: gorgeous. The couple: so wonderful, so sweet, and so inspiring. Traipsing around Steveston with Joy, Preston and Ellen was like a photo walk - just pure creation and fun. I found myself filming a bee with a wide angle lens, and that shot is my favourite in the video.

This day felt like a farewell just before our departure - and in other ways - and it was wonderful to share it with Joy, Preston, Ellen and Jayna. Thank you.

Miranda ♥ Patrick ... I'm the lucky one

"Patrick, today I stand before my closest family and friends, to promise to love you, respect you and support you. People may think that you're a lucky man. But I know that I'm the lucky one. I get to spend the rest of my life with a man whose patience, integrity and humanity inspire me. Your smile warms my whole body. I promise that I will laugh with you and cry with you, and share everything that life will bring us. I will cherish you as my husband, but not only as my husband; as my greatest partner in life."

There's not much I could add to Miranda's vows. They made Patrick cry so be careful watching. It was wonderful to film another Mah sister wedding. Like Judy and Derek's wedding, it was in October, and again we got to hang out with two amazing families. I felt a little like a member of the family myself, sharing a wonderful day with familiar faces and voices. And... again we got a parking ticket!! Is that considered good luck by anyone?

Hats off to Chermaine and Cedric, who filmed the first look, photo shoot and ceremony on their own while I was attending the Bling wedding show. Cedric, on Steadicam, even stole my favourite shot. But I'm fine with it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ka Wai ♥ Ed ... SDE

I've told quite a few people that at every wedding, there is a moment when I feel deeply touched emotionally. Honestly we do film many many weddings and let's just say there are patterns - there can be a sameness after a while. But it never fails, at some point during the day I'll find myself moved. To the point that I can go outside myself and experience what I'm seeing as a brand new person. I've found that this is truly what motivates me. For better or worse I'm not motivated by what is normally considered important.

At Ka Wai and Ed's wedding, the moment came during the ceremony, when the whole congregation sang together. I am not a religious person, but it was overwhelming. A mass of people singing with conviction and belief is hard to resist. At moments like that

Ed introduced his own symbolic element into his wedding, handing out swords and leather wristbands emblazoned with the names of his groomsmen and best friends; those who had "fought" alongside him for Ka Wai. I had met Ed at Ivy and Gordon's wedding last year, and similar to their wedding he wanted a crazy, high energy reception. He definitely got it. Perhaps he didn't bargain for being chased around Fairmont Pacific Rim with bottles and glasses full of "refreshments."

Speaking of FPR, dontcha love the opening shot? Signage is so fun. The intro is a little overboard epic, but I think it somehow works: it matches that serious expression that is so often on Ed's face, and contrasts perfectly with Ka Wai's hilarious comment. Yes she and her girls were in no rush at all, as if time didn't exist. Ka Wai and her sisters are definitely a unique bunch.

Ed and his fellow crusaders were put through a myriad of games, that began with Ed signing away his life. Ed's legal friend - who you'll see later wiping the sweat from Ed's neck - advised him that contract was indeed legal, but that he was signing it under duress. All this under cover of umbrellas with rain beating down. But the weather as it so often does turned magically and became dry and finally partly sunny during the funky photo shoot with Blue Olive.

I'm happy that I was able to tie a nice bow on the video with the shot of Ka Wai and Ed on the balcony of their hotel suite. The room itself was so gorgeous that bride and groom suddenly decided to hold their tea ceremony there. But not before relaxing and enjoying some time as husband and wife.

Irene ♥ Ali ... Highlights

We have met some of our favourite clients through the amazing Nancy Chen, whose wedding we filmed back in 2009. Irene and Ali are no exception. I always love meeting and chatting with couples, and the meetings often go overtime because we keep finding great stuff to chat about. Hanging out with Irene and Ali was a blast. A lot of time was spent at the JJ Bean and the Starbucks at Main and 14th.

These two met through friends at UBC, and it was a natural choice for them to have their photo shoot at that campus and their wedding at the University Golf Club. Part of the photo shoot with the unbelievably nice Scott D Johnson took place in a secret stand of trees where several study hours were squandered. There's one shot in the video that could be someone's point of view during those days.

Irene finished her studies just before her wedding, and as is common for those who have just completed a stressful period of their life, she promptly got sick. Poor Irene lost her voice. She tried to speak as little as possible during the day, and desribed her voice as a "frog voice." To me it just makes the excerpt of her speech we included extra touching.

Ali is in the midst of his engineering studies. At one meeting, Irene cracked a joke about having a shot in the video of Ali studying the blueprints of a camera while opening the device up, and proceeding to electrocute himself. I later found out that this is a factual thing that happened to Ali. I've never heard of anything like that! So funny.

After their speech, Irene and Ali introduced what they described as their "cheesy Iranian wedding video." They had gotten officially married in the home country and had a very unique video produced. They told me earlier that the whole point of the Vancouver wedding was the the video we would create for them. Irene and Ali, I like how you think!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Behind the Scenes of the Fall/Winter Perfect Wedding Magazine shoot

Elegance. Grandeur. Beauty.

Filmed at the Vancouver Art Gallery, this video takes you behind the scenes of the Fall/Winter 2011 Perfect Wedding Magazine shoot. Photographer David Fierro creates sumptuous romantic imagery that must truly be seen to be believed. Make sure to pick up your copy of Perfect Wedding Magazine.

Four of the top Wedding Planning & Decor companies in Vancouver installed their work at the gallery, displaying four stunning visions of wedding perfection.