Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bling Boutique Bridal Show

For our 100th blog post, we'd like to invite you to join us at the 2011 Bling Boutique Bridal Show at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It's this coming Sunday, October 2nd. Mingle with some of the leading vendors in the wedding industry. We're a friendly bunch! We had a powwow at the Rosewood a while back, and I put together this video to show the newest old hotel in Vancouver just as it being unwrapped. Seems like a stunning place to hold a wedding; I cannot wait to film a first dance in the ballroom!

Hope to see you on Sunday! You may need to hunt for me; if you see someone prowling around with a huge camera, that's me!

For more details on the show, please visit the Bling Boutique Bridal Show website.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alden ♥ Steven ... A Whistler Wedding

We were not able to share this video since filming it back in March, and believe me it has been hard keeping it a secret. We had to keep the video under wraps while the wedding was being considered by Martha Stewart Weddings. This week we received the news that MSW would be featuring the wedding, and our video has been shared on the Martha Stewart Weddings Blog. Very very exciting.

Every wedding has a theme. Something that inspires and unifies every aspect of the planning and design. There's no better way to create a theme than flying literally everyone in to your favourite winter getaway to celebrate with you. Planner, decorator, band, photographer, and all the guests made the trip to our world-famous ski village for Steve and Alden's wedding. It could not have been more lavish or perfect, with a wall of lights that became a starry sky as the light faded during the ceremony, jaw dropping decor set off by pine cones and hot toddies at the reception, and mini-lanterns to help the guests find their way to the after party at the Four Seasons Residences. And finally matching UGGs for the girls to keep warm on the trek.

Given Alden & Steve's connection with music, and music videos, there was just a teeny bit of pressure to get this video right. I actually struggled having TOO MANY sweet shots and perfect sound bites. The amazing song by Barcelona (iTunes link) helped a lot. As did the incredible mood set by The Cheeseballs! And of course a big thank you to Michele Davidson of Modern Celebrant for setting a magical tone with her voice and her words.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bergan ♥ Patrick ... SDE

I almost feel like it's a cheese factor when certain shots in a video link with lyrics in the song we've used. Listen for "where this road is going to lead me, " "turn the page" and "down this road" and notice the shots at those moments. These are definitely not intentional or even wanted really, but when they happen I feel like I'm on the right track with my editing choices.

And you know you're watching a Love Story Media video when 80% of the shots have lens flares. Hey, well, the sun was there so we had to use it. There's also a pretty interesting lens flare in the final shot from the reception. And speaking of weather, Bergan and Patrick lucked out with some very dramatic clouds during the photo shoot. Photographers will appreciate that the clouds came pre-graded :)

We decided to come along for some of the photos at Iona Beach though that was not the original plan, and B&P just attacked it with us. They were ready for anything, including climbing and descending the precarious stairs of the tower for some gorgeous images. Bergan even asked Patrick to stay behind so I could get a shot of her epic train as it poured down the steps. I included an extra long shot involving an airplane that Cedric is very proud of.

I do want to make sure to mention Raymond and Jesse, who are always so so great to work with. If there are nicer and more energetic photographers out there, we haven't met them. And we can always count on beautiful photo shoots with them on the vendor list.

Looking back on the edit, I'm amazed that I survived without including any bride-putting-on-white-dress shots. It just didn't need to be there - though there are some absolutely stunning shots that Bergan will have to wait to see in the main feature. I believe we did include enough details of this very unique dress, as well as a detail of Patrick's very cool tux. Note the cut from the collar of his tux to the close-up of his face. His chin appears in the first shot but not the second. When you cut between two shots of the same subject without changing the scale, you shouldn't include anything shown in the first image in the second. In this cut, there's no overlap between the two shots of Patrick whatsoever. That makes me happy!

My favourite element of the day was Patrick's blindfold. He needed to wear it so that he could travel with Bergan to the church yet not see her until she appeared at the end of the aisle. Some people think of everything!

Behind the Scenes with Amanda Wood

I first met Amanda Wood while filming a wedding in 2007. She was performing at the reception, and without being sure why, I stole some time from covering the actual reception mingling that was going on to capture four complete performces of jazz standards by Mandy. I was hooked. Her voice, her style and her charisma made it obvious: she was a rising star. We connected after the wedding and I sent her a DVD of the songs I captured, and soon after, she hired me to film an engagement at Crush Lounge.

Fastforward 4 years and Amanda is releasing a brand new album of the most singable, hook-filled contemporary jazz you'll ever hear. Think of her as the female Michael Buble. And as the girl next door. As I told Mandy throughout the process of making this video, her personality is so winning that it should be the centre of any marketing campaign for her music. And so I made it the centre of this behind the scenes video, filmed while Amanda was putting the finishing touches on her new, gorgeous album, "On My Way To You."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kamal ♥ Deepak ... SDE

Two cultures meeting. It can lead to war. Or love.

Kamal and Deepak are the second couple we've worked with who had a double wedding. But unlike Tim and Dilshad, both their weddings happened on the same day. Make no mistake, it was a long day. Following several other long days. By the end of the 4th night and the end of the video, Kamal really appears ready for bed. We were as well.

Deepak is a top notch man, efficient, dutiful, and always upbeat. Maybe this is what it's like working with the best kind of actor; someone always at ease, always looking sharp. He constantly deferred to Kamal, saying, "It's what she wants."

Kamal is a forceful woman seemingly made of some type of Indian steel. There's a very hard but warm look in her eye. Together, K and D will move mountains.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vivian ♥ Chris ... SDE

Vivian and Chris were united on a fine day in September, when the first leaves began to curl and amber, hastened by chilling gusts of wind. Sun scorched rooftops hid rushed preparations for the coming nuptial, such as playing outdated Nintendo games and sipping from a near endless supply of mead.

Really this was a very interesting day, with Viv's family an assortment of people seemingly and in some cases actually from the Hong Kong television world. They were all ready for their close-ups, even when they weren't ready. Over to Chris' prep and omg the game was afoot. I was pretty sure I'd need to bleep some of the utterances for the SDE. There were not only liquids but solids as well, with Chris' mom telling us to eat then leading by example.

Ceremony and photos were a blast but the reception topped everything. Honestly usually the reception is anticlimactic - all the big stuff is done and from a visual standpoint it's just people sitting around eating. Not at this wedding. At this wedding they were standing around drinking. Totally different. Then the 80's music kicked in. Do these people pose in front of mirrors memorizing the lyrics and coming up with random insane moves to go with the music? They must. My stomach hurt after filming for a while, I could not stop laughing. Way too fun. Yes I will help myself to the midnight snack = giant pile of McDonalds hamburgers. Perfect night. With the grumpy Law Courts staff looking on what a riot. Maybe the expletive- and puke-image-filled video put together by the groomsmen had something to do with that.

But I digress! It was an awesome day filled with funky artsy people and beneath all the silly craziness Viv and Chris really really love each other and put on an amazing party for their friends. I hope the video - along with the awesome Junk of the Heart - captures the vibe of this day.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Angela ♥ Cam ... SDE

Day 1 of our two wedding weekend was the uber chill Angela and Cam. They invited us to relax and enjoy the day with them. Angela even told me to take breaks whenever I wanted/needed. That's against my religion but I appreciated the offer!

Ang and Cam - or "Camgie" - have been together for ages. Ang mulled the idea of not even bothering with a wedding since it was just a formality for them. But having all their family and very closest friends come together to celebrate and more or less chill together made it more than worthwhile.

Exchanging compliments all day and imbibing fluids all day these two really set out to enjoy the day and I have to be honest that had an impact on the first dance. While dancing, Ang commented that Cam should switch to drinking water. I think Cam replied that this sounded like a strange idea.

Whatever they are doing, it's working, and the emotions that went on during the speeches was memorable. The photo shoot took advantage of our local forests, beaches and most of all sunlight. I did some sun worshipping myself in this video, with mayybe just enough lens flares! And Ang and Cam's lovely Kits house provided the perfect backdrop for the first part of the day.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jen ♥ Geoff ... SDE

This was such a fun one! Some couples are so different and quirky and in Jen and Geoff's case sarcastic and self-deprecating that it's hard to get a read on them. What would impress them? How can I make a video that's hip enough for them? What type of song would be un-lame enough? It's funny that in the end, everyone turns out to have a heart of gold.

I was lucky enough to shoot this wedding with Ellen; we've shot quite a few together this year. We chatted just after the ceremony, and she told me that she cried during the ceremony. I said, at which part? It was the same part where I sorta lost it. After the ceremony and during the signing, Jen's choir got up to sing a couple of songs. Suddenly Jen ran up and joined them and they launched into "Mr. Wonderful" obviously dedicated to Geoff. Finally Jen returned to Geoff to sing the final chorus. Wow that really had an impact, and if there was a dry eye in the house I'd be shocked.

Another highlight of the day was the food. Not the actual food maybe but how it was presented and enjoyed. Scones and sandwiches were proffered during the prep and enjoyed by Jen most of all - *after* her getting her makeup! Scrumptious! There was a well-timed visit to McDonald's. The video ends on Jen savouring her wedding cake, which I think is fitting. But best of all was the groom cake. I don't think I can describe it, suffice to say that it was the ultimate man-cake and looked totally insane being wheeled out in the ballroom at Sutton. Geoff commented, "That is all kinds of awesome." I tried to make a video worthy of that type of comment!