Thursday, July 28, 2011

DV Award for Wedding/Event Videography

Following on winning the BC Wedding Award last year for Best Wedding Cinematography, we are now the proud recipients of the Spring 2011 DV Award for Wedding/Event Videography. I am so proud of the video below. And spent a very long time labouring on it (read more here) it's great to have the video recognized. But above all we are honoured to receive the DV Award and look forward to joining the competition again later this year.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lisa & Ryan ... SDE

Have you heard of "Underpromise, overdeliver"? It's a great way to ensure that your client is happy with the result of your work. However, I have to admit my approach is more, "Overpromise, overdeliver." At client meeting I get pretty pumped and start to envision the wedding and the SDE. And it's important as well to generate that excitement in the client.

Lisa was pumped from the get go. Getting video was a priority for her, it was just a matter of getting Ryan on board. I have to admit, I enjoy when someone is holding off on their enthusiasm; like, ok you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk. I really like proving myself ha ha.

Well, now we can count Ryan as a convert. He came right up to me after the SDE showed, butted into a conversation to tell me how much he loved the SDE. Made me pretty happy!

A big thing for Lisa was including Michi, her ridiculously cute dog who provides the intro comments. The surprise of the night was a belly dancer, who tore up the place and danced embarrassingly with most of the men.

Oh and working with Gina of Butter Media yet again was a blast! The photos were super fun as always.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Irene & Ryan ... SDE

As a videographer I have to admit that often I'm more concerned with "vibe" and mood than story. My company is called Love Story Media, and it's true that our "classic" videos are based on the story of the couple as told through soundbites, vows and speeches. But there's something so overwhelming about emotion all by itself that it can be a lot more fun using a video to just create mood. Each shot builds up the feeling and by the end of the video I'm hoping there's both a smile and tears on your face.

Irene and Ryan ... how can I put it ... What an upbeat and happy vibe! The constant smiles and laughter! Their voices - just so cheerful! At our last meeting Irene asked me to use this incredibly catchy song by Craig Smart. It turned out to be the perfect match for the bubbly, poppy vibe that was happening on this day.

The groomsmen were standouts in the morning, treating the door games like an Olympic event, or some kind of MIT challenge. For their song performance, they marked up the lyrics they were given and proceeded to make photocopies before starting to sing. They fanatically passed seaweed and gnawed at bananas. Ryan commented, "I don't want to know why you're so good at that."

The gifts - love pre-weddings gifts! - were a lot of fun. Hey and anytime an Apple product gets unwrapped it's a great day. And I can guarantee that the video above is looping on that iPad right now!

Great working with Derek of Generation Photography again, and what a nice surprise seeing Margaret Lai, Irene's MUA!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Niralee & Amit ... SDE

Coming at the end of a three wedding weekend, this was such a beautiful and refreshing day at Swan-e-set. Sometimes in the middle of a ceremony it just hits me how beautiful and wonderful it is. This was our first Hindi wedding ceremony. Something about the words and the little ceremonies really got to me. So beautiful. The setting was just unbelievable. Alicia from DreamGroup did an outstanding job and a lot of jaws dropped when they saw the ceremony setup.

We met Niralee and Amit for the first time at their wedding and both they and their families were so warm and welcoming. Wish we had had more time with them!

Thanks so much to Amish Solanki for his help and inspiration throughout the day.

Stephine & Mike ... SDE

Stephine and Mike are not the most rambunctious crazy couple but they have that calm ease of being with "the one." Together they just look so relaxed and happy. Stephine predicts that Mike is having a rough morning, perhaps losing it a bit. And indeed, when he takes his position at the church all the assembled guests notice he has mis buttoned his jacket. Cute moment.

The whole day was very warm and friendly, from Stephine's family happily watching us do detail shots in the morning - love the bouquet - to the guests we interviewed at the reception. Also warm was the weather, with perfect time lapse clouds we took advantage of all weekend.

The night ended beautifully with Mike's brother performing along with a recorded track at the reception. It's always great to see someone passionate and so intense about performing. And visitors to this blog know how much I love to capture people playing music. But that'll have to wait for Steph and Mike's main feature.

Great working with Derek of Generation Photography - and we will again the coming Saturday!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Christina & Jesse ... SDE

Certain weddings have "epic" written all over them. We continually reach for our wide angle lenses to give it that feeling of grandeur and to take it all in. And we dig for a piece of music that will match this incredible vibe.

800 guests, a jammed schedule of events, and a Maserati... hmm that smells pretty epic. But most of all, Jesse and Christina's incredible home, which like the dress a couple of blog posts back became a character in the story.

Jesse and Christina were amazing to work with and took great care of us. There were videographer and photographer feedings throughout the day. I can honestly say it helped the video! I had only managed one hour of sleep and the samosas really kept me going.

The best moment of the night came when the song for the grand entrance began playing. Ohh it's an 80's song... and... huh? Why would they want to use "Jesse's Girl"? Ohhhh. Sweet.

It was amaaaazing working with Ellen of Hong Photography again!! Can't wait to see her photos!!