Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mimi & Aaron ... SDE

Personalized vows. Everyone should do it. Often couples ask me to give them advice, to give them a recommendation to help make their wedding video - or even just their wedding - better. I say, "Be yourself. And make your wedding about you. Bring out your personalities through all the details of your wedding." Mimi and Aaron planned their wedding for a year and a half solid and did not need much advice. But my eyes lit up when they told me they were writing their own vows.

We met up before the wedding and Mimi mentioned that only about half of her guests would be present at the ceremony. That and the early time frame for playing the same day edit meant that we should focus on the ceremony. And on those beautiful personalized vows. So while editing my first move was to lay down the audio: one song each with their vows overtop, broken up to allow the piece to breathe. Then I built up the images, cutting to them speaking their vows at key moments. As always, the editing came down to the wire, but having a structure to begin with really really helped.

Working with Ellen of Hong Photography was as always fantastic, and we both enjoyed getting shots of Mimi's super cute dog Kobe in his tux. We had focused on him for a little while in the morning, but Mimi asked us, "Should we get some more shots of Kobe?" Important little guy.

And I can't not mention the film connection here: Aaron is an actor and has an amazing production company and has now gone on to direct his own films. With his talent, drive and outlook, this is someone who will go all the way. Especially with Mimi at his side.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ray & Jinny ... Highlights

Would it be weird to devote an entire blog entry to a dress? Ok some dresses are just un-be-lieve-a-ble. The moment Erin Gilmore and I saw Jinny's dress our eyes popped out and our jaws dropped. Whatever is going on with those glitzy jewelly things really works and the dress is a stunner.

However, there were other things at this wedding. Such as the non-subtle colour scheme of hot pink and neon green. A pig instead of a cake. Surprise fireworks. A surprise proposal (Jinny's brother). A surprise birthday party. Also there were the perfect pair venues, Fairmont Pacific Rim and the Convention Centre. Erin Gilmore. Oh and I loved Jinny's shoes, which Erin described as ballet slippers, but yeah not your ordinary ballet slippers.

So endless eye candy and a tightly knit group of friends came together for an unforgettable wedding. Ray got a little intense towards the end coordinating the fireworks barge, and it had been a long week of logistics and details that finally came to a perfect conclusion when the first bang went off and brought Jinny out of her seat. Ray is sort of a James Bond type, with all sorts of tricks up his sleeve and a knack for the completely unexpected. I'm sure he'll keep Jinny guessing and on her ballet toes for years to come.

Music by Florence and the Machine (iTunes link).

One of the most touching moments of the day came at the very end of the reception. Just after the fireworks, Jinny's brother Simon invited his girlfriend out to the balcony to enjoy the view. Watch and see what happened after that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maria ♥ Mario ... SDE

When we are doing a same day edit, the day goes by very quickly. Today was no exception, despite filming over 16 hours. This was one of those special weddings where we feel totally included and part of the family right from the beginning. Between all the many many moments and locations we covered today, Maria & Mario did everything in their power to make sure we felt welcome and were having fun just as much as their bridal party. We also appreciated having so much input from the bridesmaids and groomsmen, not least the impromptu mandolin dance in the middle of the photo shoot.

The day was absolutely packed with eye candy, photo locations and "stopovers" at various stores for refreshments. Insanity on the limobus... Kudos for the stop at Fairmont Pacific Rim, where the partying continued while Maria had her hair done. There was just enough time to squeeze in a brief photo session.

Taking the photos was the amazing Dave Custodio. He is a busy man and does not need my plug here, but it's been great working with Dave and Danny over the years. So much fun running around being irresponsible and getting endless great shots with these two. They are absolute pros.

Assisi, Fairmont, Law Courts; all great venues, but the best was the one built by Mario Cirillo: the amazing home he made for himself and Maria. Here's hoping we can make that two day party a reality heh heh.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cindy ♥ Greg ... SDE

We first met Cindy and Greg at Cynthia and Ed's wedding last year. From the moment they saw C&E's SDE they knew they wanted to book with us. They even told us they were not going to bother shopping around. I have to say, it really is inspiring when a client has total confidence in your work.

Saturday was a perfect day, and the inspiration level got boosted even further when we arrived at Cindy's suite at River Rock Casino. Great relaxed mood there, with Cindy and the bridesmaids casually preparing one of the most gruelling sets of door games ever devised. Watch for the wasabi squirting out of the yummy sour candy. A couple visits to the porcelain altar were made, believe me.

Cindy's dress and just her mood were so light and refreshing and filming her and her "rock" Greg was a joy throughout the day. And we finally got to shoot with Miranda of Blue Olive! So so much fun, and I really have to tip my hat for the jaw dropping photo location she found.

And for those who don't understand, in the beginning Cindy is egging Greg on, telling him to chase her. The hunt is on!

Music is of course by The Smashing Pumpkins. Finally got to use this perfect song! (iTunes link.)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mei ♥ Danny ... SDE

Let's be honest: a lot of weddings are all about the bride. Her dreams for the wedding all come to the fore and the groom is pushed into the background. Sometimes literally to the background if you see what happens in some photo shoots. When it comes to wedding I guess men are sometimes reduced to out-of-focus arm candy.

Danny's profile pic on Facebook is himself on his yellow Ducati. At our first meeting, Danny told me that his motorbike was "kinda like my bride dress." A detailed construction-avoiding route to Mei's house was planned, and Danny recruited 12 bikers to ride with him along with three vehicles on the journey from Burnaby to Richmond. The morning was chaotic, with riders arriving and being prepped and wired with radios, and bikes and cars being mounted with our cameras. First wedding I've been to where we were an hour behind schedule after an hour of the itinerary.

There's always a leap of faith as we attach our cameras to a moving vehicle… How will the shot look? Will the vibrations be too much? Will the camera still be there at the next stop?

In the end the cameras (a 5D with a 24mm lens and a GoPro HD) were just fine. However, Danny's radio somehow fell out and was crushed, one of the grill mounted dolls was lost, and a rider who shall remain nameless was separated from the pack after the ceremony. It may not be worth mentioning that my hair got mussed a little while leaning out the window with an upside down monopod as we ripped along at 100 km/h. And the wind was deafening.

Also hard to ignore was the walkie talkie chatter. It was hilarious to hear Danny and his best man calling each other "Iceman" and "Maverick" like it was the most natural thing, and Cedric recorded an awesome soundbite that helped form the intro section of the video. With help from Lucky, Danny's arowana.

The survivors of the morning enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous wedding at Mayfair Lakes. This was our first wedding at this lovely location and our next is this coming Saturday! Mei and Danny had been watching the forecasts, and gradually the prediction for Saturday improved as the week wore on. In the end it was a nearly cloudless day with a slight breeze and more than enough sunlight for photos and sunburn to go around.

Music by Atomic Tom (iTunes link).