Thursday, May 26, 2011

Samien ♥ Chris ... Highlights

It's becoming more common for couples to book with us not having met us, just on the basis of referrals and the work on our blog and website. Connected to that, it's becoming common for young couples to be so busy that they barely have time to breathe in the course of a day. Vancouver is now officially a big city, and not that easy any more to succeed in, and certainly not easy to buy property in.

The result is couples like Samien and Chris, who are so tightly knit together and so very much in love that the casual observer would think they've known each other for life. I actually felt envious when meeting them for the first time just before the wedding. The love they obviously feel for each other is the stuff of movies. And did we ever hit it off! We could not stop talking about everything under the sun and honestly discussing the wedding itself was just the icing on the cake. Plus, we met at Caffè Artigiano which was a bonus!

For this video I went for a very classical elegant feel. I used a great song I'd been saving I even changed settings on the camera to allow the lenses' natural vignetting to come through. Look at the corners of the frame and notice how they're a bit shaded. This vignetting gives a slight antique feel, which I though suited the vibe of this uber classy wedding. I also love how the video begins and ends in Farsi, thanks to Chris' mastery of that language - in additional to French and Italian! Hmm, maybe he's not as busy as I thought.

It was SO great to catch up with Gina Chong at Butter Media, my closest colleague and one of the nicest people on the planet. From setting up the first look to the photo shoot to sharing the tight spaces during the ceremony, she was, as always, a joy to work with. And her recommendation to Samien and Chris was how we found each other, so thanks Gina!

Finally I should make special mention of Cedric Yu, who has filmed the vast majority of weddings with me over the past year and a half. His resourcefulness, tirelessness and amazing detail shots have allowed our videos to continually improve. The ring shot that closes this video is, I think, the best one he's ever done. Notice how the shape of the ring matches the outline of the flowers. See more of Cedric's work here.

Decor provided by the amazing Wedding Design Studio. A lot of great comments on this one, so nice work!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Johanna ♥ Jojie ... SDE

You can't always finish what you start. Johanna could not finish her mondo slice of pizza. And not being a fan of the spotlight, she did her best to sabotage the first dance by suddenly hugging Jojie like it was over and signalling "Cut!" Nice try!

The ring bearer spent the morning shrieking uncontrollably, and hence was tuckered out when the ceremony rolled around. You can see he's only too happy to go back to sleep while his dad bears the rings on his behalf. Big show, no results.

And often, wedding plans are difficult to turn into reality. The big exciting dreams can get too overwhelming, and in the end many couples trim the fat and simplify their weddings. Not Johanna & Jojie! The 10 per side bridal party? Yup, they did it. Giant blue school bus instead of limo? Check.

The idea was to be a rock band on a tour bus, with the groomsmen being the band the and bridesmaids being the groupies obviously. From the slick Reservoir Dogs shades to the actual rock performances at the reception with a full drum kit, oh yeah they were a rock band with crazy mask-wearing groupies.

So just like the Canucks are going to (eventually) eliminate Nashville, Johanna and Jojie got married and finished what they started on their very first date, the moment Jojie realized that she was the one.