Saturday, November 6, 2010

Justin ♥ Laura ... Highlights

There are a couple of things we should own up to, things we do over and over in our videos. Not that we won't keep right on doing them, because they work! One is the moving camera and how it interacts with foreground and background elements. The big limitation of video is that it's two dimensional. Moving the camera immediately adds depth to an image as different objects move at different rates. Movement also gives everything an emotional resonance. Which is great, because to me every place and every object has some sort of sentimental meaning and I love how the movement of a steadicam shot can convey it.

The other thing I'll mention is the ring shot. It's become our go-to video ending shot. The one in this video is one of my favourites. The typewriter at Laura's parents' was a must-use, and suddenly it occurred to me that J (Justin) and L (Laura) are almost side by side among the keys, and that K would be the logical spot for the engagement ring. Perfect. Just for extra added geek-appeal, J K and L are three of the most commonly used keys while editing in Final Cut Pro, with L being forward, J being reverse, and K being stop. Fitting, as from now on the promise symbolized by that ring in the middle will keep Justin and Laura from ever drifting apart.

The second to last shot is sort of an homage to I-can't-remember-which Jane Austen film adaptation, which closes with an identical butt-grab. Anyone know the film I'm referring to?

The song is Don't Let Me Fall by Lenka, a wonderful song by a wonderful singer.