Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gelaine ♥ Edward ... Highlights

At a consultation this year, one of our clients described our videos as "charming." She said, "You actually show people smiling. Your videos are so happy." While I think LSM definitely has a serious side, and many tear-inducing videos, it's true that we have a real affinity for those cheerful and intensely happy moments in life. Life is truly short and such moments need to be enjoyed.

So when we met Gelaine and Ed - at their wedding, as everything had been done via e-mail up to that point - we knew we'd be on the right wavelength. Very sweet and cute but with an intense creative side. Ed created the graphics for all printed matter at the wedding - from their portrait canvas to the itinerary - and also chose the designs for the rings.

During the morning I asked Gelaine if she had the rings. She handed over these oddly shaped objects. Seeing my confused look, she said, "These are the rings." As you'll see in the final shot, these rings are not round. You'll also notice Ed taking a moment to absorb how the ring feels on his finger. Apparently his hexagonal ring is quite comfy. I'm envious.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cindy ♥ Eugene ... Highlights

I first met Cindy at Carolyn and Kevin's wedding in July of 2009. She was so energetic and hyper that I had to ask, "So when is your wedding?" I'm not a fan of marketing while filming someone's day, but this was one wedding I did not want to miss. Cindy and Eugene dragon boat - Eugene competitively - and I'm guessing that anything lower intensity would leave them craving more adventure and unable to focus on everyday life. On her own wedding day, Cindy did not disappoint, and her wonderfully high-strung nature is on display in this video. Maybe even as much as the uber-cute puppy!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kevin ♥ Andrea ... SDE

It was a little over a year ago, at Jennifer and Wilson's wedding, that we first started thinking cinematically while filming a wedding. Cinema is telling a story using visual pieces; or conveying a mood or expressing an emotion. Those pieces or shots only make sense in the context of the shots before and after. The pieces acquire meaning as the sequence of shots is viewed. Even the most abstract and bizarre shot can be totally appropriate given the right context.

At Kevin and Andrea's wedding I think we've taken the next step: thinking about the meaning of each shot, and choosing compositions that say what we want them to say. A good example is the scarf being suspended over Kevin's head. His eyes are the only part of his face visible, and they are looking up as the scarf is spread above his head. It's not too hard to imagine what he's thinking. Showing just his eyes connects with something taking place above him and beyond his control.

Or the shot of Kevin putting on his jacket, alone and small in a huge space. Or the shot of Andrea wincing slightly as she squeezes on another bangle. Her head is on the "wrong side" of the frame which underlines her slight discomfort.

These are split-second unplanned decisions that only make sense after the fact. But hopefully this kind of thinking will become more prevalent in our videos, so that we are telling the most specific and visual story possible.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Allure Boudoir Promo Video

Ever since I first worked with Ellen Ho at Carolyn and Kevin's wedding in July 2009, I've been an admirer of both her work and her incredible panache for marketing. It's one thing to be talented but it's another to be rewarded for the amazing work you do. I give Ellen full credit for having it both ways. So I was flattered that she approached us to create this promotional video for the boudoir segment of her business.

Ellen assembled an amazing and talented team, and put them all together in her French Couture Loft one day this spring. The result was an inspiring creative experiment that was one of the highlights of 2010. I'm very proud to release the "end product" of this stunning photo shoot.

Be sure to visit Ellen's boudoir site for more of her work.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jenn ♥ Perry ... Highlights

We filmed Kristin and Tyler's wedding on New Year's Eve last year, and upon seeing her sister's video, Jennifer decided she'd have to have a video done as well. I've mentioned before on these blogs how wonderful it is to rejoin the same family and friends for another splendid wedding, being happily surprised throughout the day by familiar faces. My memory of Perry was of his incredible dry wit in his role as MC for K&T's wedding. On this day he again kept us all laughing throughout the day, and was literally Jennifer's rock. After looking forward to her own wedding for so long, Jenn was one of most excited and jittery brides ever. This self-described "bridey-bride" has been obsessively checking this blog since her wedding, so I'm happy to say Jenn that your wait is over!

The song is Looking for Someone by Sarah Slean.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Moet ♥ David ... SDE

I'm not going to write anything about this one. Just watch the video. We had such a great time today and I absolutely love the video. Maybe our best SDE ever.

The End.

Watch the video ;)

p.s. Thanks so much to Moet and David for including us in your beautiful day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tina ♥ Nico ... SDE

My notes from my first meeting with Tina and Nico include the following. "Tina: straightforward, no b.s. Nico: creative type, loves to dance." That's all. Having now gotten to know them a bit better, I can confirm my first impressions, and add that Tina is unbelievably nice and Nico is way too much fun.

I can't tell you how many times Tina said "Whatever" when we were discussing her video. "Just do what you need to do." Sometimes that's exactly what we like to hear - it means we can do what we know will work the best. Tina was so easygoing today that she even cheerfully vacuumed up the bits of paint after I ever so slightly dinged her wall with our slider. Sorry Tina, please send me the bill.

"Nico: loves to dance." This line is what made me pick the song, I'd Follow You by Andrew Ryan. A sweet opening followed by some very danceable rhythms. I think it suited today perfectly. Not least the "awkwardness" of the groom prep.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Loretta ♥ David ... Highlights

Loretta and David were totally ready to book with us at their first meeting. In fact, Loretta knew exactly what she wanted: no full length wedding video, just a short highlight video. "Just like the ones on the website, I like those," she said.

So we were able to create maybe our most cinematic video ever, not having to worry so much about the conventional coverage that would be needed for a longer edit. It did take a long time to place all of the shots and create the non-chronological storyline you'll see in this video.

As David mentions, Loretta did most of the work planning this wedding, and the awesome Jen Opsahl of Hello Bella Events put it all together on the day to create a picture perfect wedding. And also toughed it out in the rain to give Loretta the outdoor wedding she MUCH preferred.