Sunday, August 29, 2010

Janis ♥ Jon ... SDE

I have to admit that one of my favourite aspects of weddings is the bride's costume changes. She can represent several sides of her personality with her various dresses worn during the day. I don't mean it as a negative when I say a wedding can be a performance, with the venues being stages for that performance. Our whole concept of wedding videography is film-production-in-a-day, so "costume design" is key.

Part of the performance is remembering to be in the moment and actually take in what is happening. If you haven't yet been married you may not realize how much changes in those few short hours on your wedding day. It can be too much to absorb. (P.S. you should hire a videographer.)

The other part is to share who you are, through every detail of the "production design" of your wedding. The bubbles, the bird cage and of course the dresses were some of the details that made this wedding so sweet. After the last change, I had to ask Janis where she had found these amazing dresses. "I had them custom made," she answered. This kind of thing just inspires us all the more to create something special for our lovely couples.

And regular readers of this blog will understand the shot of the huge platter of bisque ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Faezah ♥ Anjum ... The Reception

Earlier this year I blogged Faezah and Anjum's Henna Party and Ceremony, and now here's the reception from that weekend. This was our first chance to work with Lisa Gregory, and to be honest I've never seen the Fairmont Waterfront looking so sumptuous and well put together. The whole night was a beautiful tribute to the happy couple and especially their families, capped off by some awesome dancing, fun and food.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Right as Rain { my car accident }

The things we do for our clients! Last Thursday the 19th I was driving west on Kingsway on the way to a wedding rehearsal at Fairmont Pacific Rim. Just after the point where Kingsway feeds into Main Street, a vehicle in the left lane veered slightly into my lane. Then it suddenly crossed my lane and I could not avoid smashing into the side of the car. The collision and my reaction to it forced my car to the right. I saw a fire hydrant through the windshield. Just a horrible split second later I smashed into it. The car filled with smoke and big yellow blobs, which turned out to be the air bags. At that moment I froze and assumed I'd be trapped in the car. But when I tried the door it opened. So I jumped out and headed for the sidewalk. Then I remembered that i had some equipment and got that from the trunk.

All the emergency vehicles came very quickly and the whole thing turned into a community event as you'll see. There were a lot of spectators taking pictures and video, but I still felt pretty silly filming my own demolished car and the wreckage I made of city property. By the way, if you drive down this part of Main, look east and you'll see this whole stretch of sidewalk cordoned off. The pressure of the water actually lifted the pieces of the sidewalk up.

Needless to say the car is a write-off and I'll be getting a brand new vehicle - thanks ICBC. Not really worth it but it did give me a good story to tell and a chance to use my favourite Adele song. And yes I am now "right as rain" so don't worry!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ariana ♥ Dean ... SDE

Easily the best part of creating an SDE is showing it while the DVD is still warm from being burned and experiencing the video with the guests and the bride and groom. I'm always surprised by how different the video feels as opposed to while I'm editing it. And there are several shots that surprise me, that I had totally forgotten about! There is so little time to create an SDE that often I haven't really watched the video myself until it goes on the screen.

Like the song says, Dean takes great care of Ariana. A small example is the block and a half walk they took from their apartment to one of our meetings. Maybe there was just the slightest chance of rain, but Dean was sure to bring an umbrella for that 2 minute walk. Dean seems to give every detail of his and Ariana's life his fullest attention at all times.

Ariana is an amazing makeup artist and I felt that a shot showing her applying her own makeup was more than welcome in this video.

And yay we got to work with the super-awesome Ellen and Brian of Hong Photography today. And also enjoy Colin & Upright Decor's perfect calla lily centred decor.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nadia ♥ Eddie ... SDE

FIlm production in Vancouver runs the gamut from the shoestring budget indie to the over-the-top Hollywood production. On the shoestring end, At Queenie and Tim's wedding a few weeks ago, we witnessed a music video being shot handheld through the sunroof of a 70's VW van. That had to be some shaky footage! Today we spotted a deadly looking black car with a crane mounted on top, being escorted around DT Vancouver by a motorcycle cop. The black car was filming a grey luxury sedan following it through traffic. Fun to watch. Expensive.

Well, Cedric and I pulled out something even more affordable than both of the above: a GoPro. You can see a brief shot from this (Nadia and Eddie waving from the trolley) in this video. Looking back I'm amazed at how many ways we mounted cameras and made them move today, all while putting together what may be our best same-day-edit yet.

So where does Love Story Media belong in that spectrum of Vancouver film production? Watch the video and you decide.

Huge thanks to David and Danny Custodio for introducing us to Nadia and Eddie. Here are two photographers who literally stop traffic at every wedding and regularly produce jaw-dropping work

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nancy ♥ Dave .. SDE

Here was a wedding where every detail was perfect and beautiful. From the super-talented make-up artist Charisse Mae to the stunning dress and shoes and above all to the incomparable photographer Jana Vackova, every aspect was carefully chosen. We really felt like we were among the "chosen" wedding vendors today!

Dave and Nancy are so easy going and really were great to have on the other side of the camera. So upbeat and ready for any pose and always looking great. And of course some really powerful emotions that came out during the ceremony. And when we played this SDE which was great!

It was super-awesome running into some happily married LSM couples - three to be exact - and catching up with them. Add the unbelievably rowdy reception and it was an unforgettable night.

Full credit to Dave for finding the song, "Amazing" by Andrew Allen.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Queenie ♥ Tim ... Highlights

A very wise videographer once said, "It is all in the anticipation." I think he meant that it's the interplay between what you think is going to happen and what actually happens that creates your experience of a given event. Anticipation definitely played huge role in this wedding, not least in the moments before the ceremony. The atmosphere in Canadian Memorial - jammed with guests on both sides of the aisle - was overwhelming. The nervous chatter gave way to a hushed silence before the ceremony got underway. It was an amazing moment.

Queenie and Tim have been together for a very long time - since high school. How's that for anticipation? Both they and all those close to them have known for quite a while that they would tie the knot. But as in a great novel or movie, where even if you know the ending, it's the process in reaching that point that is fascinating, every moment carried a great deal of emotion and meaning.

The morning was jammed with events, enough for at least two weddings all by themselves. Multiple tea ceremonies as well as other traditions in three separate locations. I'll add that the lavishness of all these proceedings was breathtaking.

The photo session with Roger and Holly of Union Photography was gorgeous, and as always it was TOTALLY AMAZING working with them all day long. Have a look at the gorgeous photos here!

Thanks to Queenie and Tim and everyone who played a part in this wedding for making it unforgettable and for creating the overload of great moments for us to capture. If you look closely you'll see almost all of the same people - including Q&T - in Nancy and Peter's video in the previous blog post!