Friday, July 30, 2010

Nancy ♥ Peter ... Highlights

This wedding was a standout in so many ways, but I think I can render it for you with two simple factoids. One is the amazing food, which we hard-working videographers appreciate more than you can know. Special props to the lobster bisque and ice wine.

Two is or rather are Nancy and Peter. The nicest people ever. Think of the nicest people you know. Multiply the niceness by about 10. Throw in an amazing sense of humor and some irrepressible energy. Okay you are getting the idea of these two. Nancy and Peter, you really rock, and yet you carry it so well!

I've cheerfully laboured over this video and now I'm ready to release it to the public, as I think it conveys some of what this perfect wedding was.

And as a bonus, here's the amazing photo shoot with Roger Mahler of Union Photographers:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ivy ♥ Gordon ... SDE

At the consultation and meetings before the wedding, Ivy and Gordon came across as pretty quiet, reserved people. I was actually a little unsure what to expect on the day, and just thought it would be a "normal" wedding. On the way to the getting ready locations, a song came on the radio that I've been wanting to use in a same day edit for a long time. ("Sweet Disposition" by the Temper Trap) I mentioned this to Cedric, and said, "but it would have to be a really high-energy wedding, and today is not going to be that." Then after the totally bonkers door games, Cedric and I had the same thought: yep we can use that song.

We showed the SDE at about 9:30, and included just the very start of the reception in the video. Trust me that this four minutes does not at all convey the insanity of the reception, with small groups of people marauding with wine bottles and making sure everyone was drinking "enough." And we've never been in the presence of nicer people, who were SO helpful and friendly throughout the night.

Click here for Raymond and Jessie's stunning photos from this day.

Abby ♥ Kurtis ... Highlights

A self-described crazy couple from Alberta, Abby and Kurtis met on the way to Las Vegas on a "reading trip." Likely story ;) For their beautiful Vancouver wedding, they chose Ron Basford Park and Performance Works on Granville Island. It was a perfect overcast day, with the boys crammed into a little suite and the girls luxuriating in the penthouse at the Granville Island Hotel. Then it was one of those perfect moments when Abby walked down the aisle to "Here Comes the Sun."

This video owes a lot to the amazing photo shoot with Leslie of Sakura Photography, and of course to the awesome work of Tanya Peters of Milestone Events. But most of all to a certain "craziness" that was on display all day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shermineh ♥ Ali ... SDE

Filming three weddings back to back has its plusses and minuses. We did it twice this month, and it makes for a gruelling weekend - and yet there is the added bonus of weight loss. Everything hurts and you're barely conscious - and yet by day three everything is so automatic that shot after shot just happens and the day is a thrill. What you're about to see is day three.

Sherm and Ali are so fun and easy to be around, and every second of today was awesome. As my ears ring from The Reception of the Endless Dancing - these people are in good shape! - I think back to both Ali and Sherm being so calm and themselves in front of the camera all day. This is what we love.

We had originally planned a fairly generic pop tune for the SDE, but as the day (and the awesomeness) progressed I dug into my library and found something a bit more mysterious and, yes, epic. I think the switch paid off; it was so great watch Sherm & Ali watch and enjoy this video.

Tara ♥ Alex ... Sealed Words ... SDE

Urbane, hip and sophisticated are three matching words that well describe Tara and Alex. Tara is an interior designer, and rose to the challenge of creating an amazing environment in Performance Works and coordinating the entire day with a wicked shade of green.

Alex is so cool that I didn't expect a ton of emotion during the ceremony. Particularly since he and Tara had their first look earlier in the day. But no; Alex was overwhelmed by the moment seeing his bride arrive down the slope of Ron Basford Park.

And then after the ceremony, Tara and Alex sealed away letters to one another to be opened and read on their tenth anniversary... a beautiful moment.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

William ♥ Julie ... The Windows of Heaven

We were particularly looking forward to this day, for a couple different reasons. First and foremost of course are Julie and Bill, who were so great to talk to right off the bat, particularly with Bill bringing his graphic design background to bear on an analysis of the Love Story Media logo!

Also, we had a feeling this day would be a respite of sorts - this was the third wedding in three days, and a drive out to Minter Gardens just past Chilliwack seemed like the ideal way to close out the weekend.

But as always we were unprepared for how touching and momentous this wedding would be. Here are some of the moods and images from that day.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ellen ♥ Jon ... Right beside you ... SDE

One of the dilemmas in planning a wedding is music. Traditional or edgy? Live or recorded? DJ or friend with iPod? Ellen and Jon bypassed this whole problem. It must be great having a friend who will teach himself how to play violin just so he can perform the processional music for your ceremony. Jon was a little nervous about this though, and that practice session that starts this video is the result!

As for the song choice for this same day edit, we had a chance to see Ellen and particularly Jon partying pretty hard at a wedding a couple of weeks ago. But I had a feeling that something truly heartfelt would be called for on their wedding day.

Just want to mention the tea ceremony that was held after the ceremony at White Rock Baptist Church. It was almost a "meta" tea ceremony, with a comprehensive lesson in culture and language thrown in for free. After the usual tea ceremony had concluded, everything got flipped around and younger family members served tea to Ellen and Jon. Very sweet!

Then followed a beautiful photo shoot which allowed us to break in our newest lens and work on our tans.

Thanks Ellen and Jon for including us in your day!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Simi ♥ Rob ... Smile Robbie! ... SDE

According to "The Sikh wedding rituals are elaborate and vibrant." True, but a bit of an understatement. It's a great strength that the Sikh culture is so embedded in the wedding traditions that Sikh weddings are world-reknowned for their length and lavishness.

The downside is that it can become an ordeal for the happy couple who, well, just want to get married. Clearly Robbie was feeling the burden of the months of planning and long days of celebrating as the video gets underway with his maiya ceremony. But that big, warm smile is gradually unveiled and then flashed over and over.

Simi and Rob put so much confidence in us to capture their wedding, we made sure to create a same-day-edit worthy of them and that trust. And one that was much longer than any SDE we'd done up until then. Just to extend the wedding a little more ;)