Monday, May 24, 2010

Cynthia ♥ Ed \\ May 23 2010 \\ SDE

Cynthia and Edward's best wishes box pretty much tells the whole story. You can see this colourful box made out of lego near the end of the video below. It even had a little swing-away slot also constructed from lego. Nearby was a table with a massive pile of smarties boxes, containing only red and pink smarties; just beside the head table, there was a big basket full of Kinder surprise. Plus, Edward's last name is "Toy." Cool.

These and other details show how much fun Cynthia and Ed are, and how young and warm their hearts are. Ed took some time out to text and even take photos using his little red cell phone, and it was not at all out of place. If you were at this wedding, you'd totally understand.

And another plus, it was SOOO much fun working with Gina of Butter Media. We have shot A LOT of weddings together and it's always a blast to work with her.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sara ♥ Jared \\ May 21 2010 \\ SDE

I really expected this to be a tender and touching day, and it was. This was the big reason for choosing the song, one of my favourites, "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele. The small reason was that the forecast called for rain. I probably shouldn't say this but I secretly hoped for some drops to make the song click a bit better. All those mentions of storm, rain and wind...

Oh well, can't complain about the always stunning Garden Birch Terrace at Swan-e-set and the epic journey everyone has to make to get there. The bridesmaids actually practiced the walk once they had put on their shoes. They pulled it off, but the ring bearers ... not so much!

I was truly humbled by the emotions Sara and Jared have for one another and expressed today, and tried to fit as much as possible into this same-day-edit.

And be sure to check out Jamie Delaine's oh-so-gorgeous shots from this wedding.

Banafsheh ♥ Kevin \\ May 1 2010 \\ Trailer

I guess I can officially say that we do a lot of weddings. One of the best parts of this job is meeting incredible people you never could have imagined. B and Kevin are like two firecrackers in a jar. Let me leave it at that and just note that the highlight of the night for me was when the Persian Knife Dance morphed into the electronica robot dance cake cutting session. The song you hear in this trailer was exactly what was playing at this moment, and it was awesome.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Faezah ♥ Anjum \\ May 15 2010 \\ Highlights

There is something special about arriving at a wedding and feeling as if you've entered a completely different world, and perhaps a different time. Faezah and Anjum's wedding contained a lot of firsts for us, and it was challenging and exciting keeping up with all the things we'd never seen before. Everything from traditions to textures and from foods to fabrics pushed us to try new things with our cameras. Here are the highlights from the Henna party on Thursday.

And here is a short trailer from the Nikah ceremony on Saturday.

And have a look at Jamie Delaine's amazing shots from the Henna Party.

... And here are Jamie's beautiful photos from the ceremony and reception.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sharan ♥ Hanish \\ March 19-21, 2010 \\ Highlights

It's not exactly heartening to be asked while dragging yourself to the car after the final day of an epic event, "Did you enjoy our miniature Indian wedding?" What? Miniature? We're tired!

As much as they tried to downplay it, Sharan and Hanish's wedding was beautiful and big in all the important ways. There were two families from distant continents joining for an incredibly warm and relaxed celebration. There was a crew at work at Sharan's family's house, seemingly around the clock, keeping everything flowing and everyone fed. And there was Scott of SDJ Photography who did amazing things with light during our tour of Hycroft Manor. Miniature? I'd say grand.

And finally, everyone made us so welcome and did everything possible to help us create this video. Especially Sharan's dad, who was tireless in keeping us informed and energized throughout the weekend.