Saturday, March 27, 2010

Warren ♥ Bernadette \\ March 26 2010 \\ SDE

Warren and Bernadette gave their guests three chances to shower them with stuff: it started with silver streamers as they walked down the aisle, then bubbles during the first dance. Then WB topped it all by departing through an arch of sparklers leading from the hall, down the stairs and to the car at Westwood Plateau. Then there was a classic moment when the fire alarm went off. I guess it's the equivalent of church bells ringing after a ceremony, but a lot more... hot.

There were 5 specific shots we were asked to incorporate in this video, and my favourite is the doors opening to reveal Bernadette. We kept the focus on Warren to emphasize his reaction, and if you watch his shoulders you can see a shiver run through his spine. And how epic does Bernadette's giant veil look out of focus in the background?

A couple tips of the hat, first to Leslie of Sakura Photography; we calculated that this was our fourth wedding together in the past half a year - so great working with her again! Second, the amazing Joel at Westwood Plateau, who couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful. With his help were finally able plug into the WP wireless system - so we had perfect audio all night!