Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winnie ♥ Brandon \\ Trailer

We loved this wedding so much. So gorgeous all day: Beautiful dresses, colours, locations, weather, and most of all, people! Inspiration in every direction. This was Cedric's first wedding, and he got some great set-up footage as well as some superwide balcony shots during the ceremony.

The UBC Boathouse is such a great venue; seemingly any shot including those curving pieces of metal looks cool. The only drawback is the seagulls are quite loud, but I can't complain, they really added to the visuals of this video.

It was great working with Justin of Hyperfocus, and you can his photos from this wedding here.

Tali ♥ Benny \\ August 9 2009 \\ Trailer

So what kind of couple hires Love Story Media to film their wedding? Any kind, really, but surprisingly many of our clients themselves work in media or film production. We like to think it's because we appeal to how they like to create themselves. We always hope to create the video you would yourself if you weren't too busy getting married.

Benny is a highly accomplished and creative animator and filmmaker, someone who never runs out of ideas. Luckily, the amazing Tali can run right alongside him, as you'll see in the video.

Filmed in Richmond and at Temple Sholom in Vancouver.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flashback \\ Jacqueline ♥ Maury \\ Trailer

There are a few weddings from last year that we'd like to blog, and first up is Jacqueline and Maury's wedding at the University Golf Club. With due respect to all our weddings, this had to be the most emotional ceremony we've filmed. The very personal and heartfelt vows - with tears raining down - made this part of the day unforgettable.

And at the opposite end of the night, during the first dance Jackie and Maury tore up the dance floor, even inviting their salsa group to join them and help put on a spectacular show.

Add to that an amazing photo shoot with Leanne Scherp of LS Photography and, yeah, we had fun. By the way, here are Leanne's shots from this wedding.