Monday, January 4, 2010

Kristin ♥ Tyler \\ December 31 2009 \\ Highlights

Yes we were there until midnight, and no we didn't mind at all. Right after the bouquet toss, party paraphernalia were distributed and at midnight the room absolutely exploded with confetti. Fun, and as we say, "great for video."

Tyler's ring and Kristin's bouquet both incorporated family heirlooms, and in his speech, Tyler basically made everyone cry with his tribute to his family. But that just made the partying that came afterwards all the more sweet.

So here is everything else that happened that day! It was great working with Jen of Hello Bella - who went for 22 hours straight including flipping the room at Sutton in 3 hours - and meeting Erich Saide, the first photographer to out-gear us in a while.