Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amrita ♥ Vik ... Highlights

The pic above says it all: bouquet in one hand, kleenex in the other...

During the speeches on day 2 of Amrita and Vik's wedding, there were several references to Vik's hockey talent/addiction and one reference to the ceremony being on Boxing Day ("No refunds!"). But what everyone could attest to is the love that Amrita and Vik share for one another. Vik is a man of few words, and he only needed a handful to declare his feelings for Amrita and bring himself to the verge of tears.

For me it was a wedding that started with torn pants and ended with a cupcake smeared on my car, with an extremely generous pair of families rounding out our 40th and final wedding of 2010.

Thanks to Chermaine Wu and Amish Solanki for their amazing contributions. Amish is primarily a photographer, but when I had the good fortune to hire him as a cinematographer I knew he'd come up with something special. If you are searching for a photographer, I challenge you to find someone more creative and talented than Amish.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sandy ♥ Pat ... To Entertain

"The thing that we love most in life is to entertain." This one sentence from Pat's speech perfectly summarizes what this night was: quite simply the perfect reception. Those fortunate enough to attend this event, which followed a wedding in Mexico, were absolutely spoiled with amazing food, drink and entertainment. No expense nor effort was spared to make the night unforgettable.

In life, it's important to pursue your passion. I often wonder if people really know how deeply I care about the videos I create, and how every detail has been carefully chosen, often agonized over, before I consider a video complete. Pat runs a bartending company called Liquid Bartending, and clearly he shares the same passion for his work. It was awesome to see him rushing the last details of the event into place with his bartending team, and then switching into party mode and thoroughly enjoying the night.

Kudos to Jasalyn Thorne, who is so talented and pleasant to work with, and to Harumi Suzuki, truly an amazing wedding planner.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cindy ♥ Fabio ... Trailer

Surprisingly, there were a few weddings this year where we did not do a same-day-edit! So a handful of couples have had to be extra patient waiting for their highlight videos. This one was quite an intense day, with two ceremonies and a photo shoot avoiding both rain and security at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Cindy and Fabio seem to enjoy a challenge and smiled through it all.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Justin ♥ Laura ... Highlights

There are a couple of things we should own up to, things we do over and over in our videos. Not that we won't keep right on doing them, because they work! One is the moving camera and how it interacts with foreground and background elements. The big limitation of video is that it's two dimensional. Moving the camera immediately adds depth to an image as different objects move at different rates. Movement also gives everything an emotional resonance. Which is great, because to me every place and every object has some sort of sentimental meaning and I love how the movement of a steadicam shot can convey it.

The other thing I'll mention is the ring shot. It's become our go-to video ending shot. The one in this video is one of my favourites. The typewriter at Laura's parents' was a must-use, and suddenly it occurred to me that J (Justin) and L (Laura) are almost side by side among the keys, and that K would be the logical spot for the engagement ring. Perfect. Just for extra added geek-appeal, J K and L are three of the most commonly used keys while editing in Final Cut Pro, with L being forward, J being reverse, and K being stop. Fitting, as from now on the promise symbolized by that ring in the middle will keep Justin and Laura from ever drifting apart.

The second to last shot is sort of an homage to I-can't-remember-which Jane Austen film adaptation, which closes with an identical butt-grab. Anyone know the film I'm referring to?

The song is Don't Let Me Fall by Lenka, a wonderful song by a wonderful singer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Laura ♥ Enzo ... In case I need to cry

On the morning of Laura and Enzo's wedding, we felt like we had walked into a movie. Enzo - THE most thoughtful and warm-hearted person you could meet - was directing traffic, ensuring all of the TEN (10) boys and men were on time with their preparations. The atmosphere was so perfect that pretty much anything we filmed looked great. Even Enzo mis-buttoning his shirt, which is not shown here ;)

You can see in the video what we witnessed at Laura's. It's a moment that was just made to be filmed. I didn't even know what was happening until halfway through. I got pretty close to the card and shifted focus to Laura's face, and at this moment an absolutely huge teardrop fell from her face. I didn't even realize it was a tear until watching the footage afterwards. This emotional reading became the main storyline for the video, connecting to the "Proteggi questa casa" plaque at Enzo's parents' place.

One of my favourite shots is Laura's sister putting the garter on Laura. You can't see what's taking place because of the sofa that is in the foreground. But that's what makes the shot so perfect: sometimes not showing something is the best way to show it.

The ceremony is shown with a small selection of longer shots, to convey the awesome space that is St Francis of Assisi, and to match with the mystique of the music and the priest's words to Laura and Enzo.

Supipi ♥ Simon ... SDE

I first met Supipi at a wedding in October 2008, where she was the maid of honour. It was great to film her own October wedding two years later. I've decided that "early fall" is my favourite time of year. Check out the amazing time-lapse near the end of the video, with some picturesque fall leaves in the foreground. Cedric brought his motion control dolly system and pulled off a kind of shot you won't find in a lot of wedding videos! The camera is moving DURING the time-lapse.

It's a funny thing that happens while I'm filming, someone looks right into the camera and it looks OK. There's something called the "fourth wall" meaning the gap between the people in a video or film and the people watching. If someone looks into the camera it tends to "break" the fourth wall. We no longer feel like we are watching something that happened, rather it seems artificial; we become conscious of the camera.

However, Supipi looks directly into the camera twice in this video, and these are two of my favourite shots. The directness of it and the feeling that she is in control of her own image is really powerful in my opinion.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dilshad ♥ Tim ... The Double SDE

Sometimes the stars align. I had a feeling that this was going to be one of those times. Dilshad and Tim booked two full days of filming for their two weddings. Yes two weddings. So, two wedding videos. I decided that two same-day-edits were in order, hence this 7 minute double SDE.

Both weddings were "full on," with every detail from Dilshad's sari to Tim's cuff links 100% personalized and loaded with meaning. Of course it didn't hurt that Tanya Peters/Milestone Events and Ellen Ho/Hong Photography were there!

Or that Tim and Dilshad were so into the video-making process and even rearranged their itinerary to show the video a bit later on in the evening. Showing this film at the reception was just unbelievable and was followed by a standing-O. Like I said, the stars were aligned.

Oh, and my collection of epic/cinematic middle eastern-flavoured music has been plundered so I welcome suggestions for more great tunes. The piece in the Indian SDE is Peter Gabriel's The Feeling Begins.

Have a look at Part I of Ellen's photos from this wedding, so so so beautiful.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gelaine ♥ Edward ... Highlights

At a consultation this year, one of our clients described our videos as "charming." She said, "You actually show people smiling. Your videos are so happy." While I think LSM definitely has a serious side, and many tear-inducing videos, it's true that we have a real affinity for those cheerful and intensely happy moments in life. Life is truly short and such moments need to be enjoyed.

So when we met Gelaine and Ed - at their wedding, as everything had been done via e-mail up to that point - we knew we'd be on the right wavelength. Very sweet and cute but with an intense creative side. Ed created the graphics for all printed matter at the wedding - from their portrait canvas to the itinerary - and also chose the designs for the rings.

During the morning I asked Gelaine if she had the rings. She handed over these oddly shaped objects. Seeing my confused look, she said, "These are the rings." As you'll see in the final shot, these rings are not round. You'll also notice Ed taking a moment to absorb how the ring feels on his finger. Apparently his hexagonal ring is quite comfy. I'm envious.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cindy ♥ Eugene ... Highlights

I first met Cindy at Carolyn and Kevin's wedding in July of 2009. She was so energetic and hyper that I had to ask, "So when is your wedding?" I'm not a fan of marketing while filming someone's day, but this was one wedding I did not want to miss. Cindy and Eugene dragon boat - Eugene competitively - and I'm guessing that anything lower intensity would leave them craving more adventure and unable to focus on everyday life. On her own wedding day, Cindy did not disappoint, and her wonderfully high-strung nature is on display in this video. Maybe even as much as the uber-cute puppy!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kevin ♥ Andrea ... SDE

It was a little over a year ago, at Jennifer and Wilson's wedding, that we first started thinking cinematically while filming a wedding. Cinema is telling a story using visual pieces; or conveying a mood or expressing an emotion. Those pieces or shots only make sense in the context of the shots before and after. The pieces acquire meaning as the sequence of shots is viewed. Even the most abstract and bizarre shot can be totally appropriate given the right context.

At Kevin and Andrea's wedding I think we've taken the next step: thinking about the meaning of each shot, and choosing compositions that say what we want them to say. A good example is the scarf being suspended over Kevin's head. His eyes are the only part of his face visible, and they are looking up as the scarf is spread above his head. It's not too hard to imagine what he's thinking. Showing just his eyes connects with something taking place above him and beyond his control.

Or the shot of Kevin putting on his jacket, alone and small in a huge space. Or the shot of Andrea wincing slightly as she squeezes on another bangle. Her head is on the "wrong side" of the frame which underlines her slight discomfort.

These are split-second unplanned decisions that only make sense after the fact. But hopefully this kind of thinking will become more prevalent in our videos, so that we are telling the most specific and visual story possible.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Allure Boudoir Promo Video

Ever since I first worked with Ellen Ho at Carolyn and Kevin's wedding in July 2009, I've been an admirer of both her work and her incredible panache for marketing. It's one thing to be talented but it's another to be rewarded for the amazing work you do. I give Ellen full credit for having it both ways. So I was flattered that she approached us to create this promotional video for the boudoir segment of her business.

Ellen assembled an amazing and talented team, and put them all together in her French Couture Loft one day this spring. The result was an inspiring creative experiment that was one of the highlights of 2010. I'm very proud to release the "end product" of this stunning photo shoot.

Be sure to visit Ellen's boudoir site for more of her work.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jenn ♥ Perry ... Highlights

We filmed Kristin and Tyler's wedding on New Year's Eve last year, and upon seeing her sister's video, Jennifer decided she'd have to have a video done as well. I've mentioned before on these blogs how wonderful it is to rejoin the same family and friends for another splendid wedding, being happily surprised throughout the day by familiar faces. My memory of Perry was of his incredible dry wit in his role as MC for K&T's wedding. On this day he again kept us all laughing throughout the day, and was literally Jennifer's rock. After looking forward to her own wedding for so long, Jenn was one of most excited and jittery brides ever. This self-described "bridey-bride" has been obsessively checking this blog since her wedding, so I'm happy to say Jenn that your wait is over!

The song is Looking for Someone by Sarah Slean.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Moet ♥ David ... SDE

I'm not going to write anything about this one. Just watch the video. We had such a great time today and I absolutely love the video. Maybe our best SDE ever.

The End.

Watch the video ;)

p.s. Thanks so much to Moet and David for including us in your beautiful day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tina ♥ Nico ... SDE

My notes from my first meeting with Tina and Nico include the following. "Tina: straightforward, no b.s. Nico: creative type, loves to dance." That's all. Having now gotten to know them a bit better, I can confirm my first impressions, and add that Tina is unbelievably nice and Nico is way too much fun.

I can't tell you how many times Tina said "Whatever" when we were discussing her video. "Just do what you need to do." Sometimes that's exactly what we like to hear - it means we can do what we know will work the best. Tina was so easygoing today that she even cheerfully vacuumed up the bits of paint after I ever so slightly dinged her wall with our slider. Sorry Tina, please send me the bill.

"Nico: loves to dance." This line is what made me pick the song, I'd Follow You by Andrew Ryan. A sweet opening followed by some very danceable rhythms. I think it suited today perfectly. Not least the "awkwardness" of the groom prep.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Loretta ♥ David ... Highlights

Loretta and David were totally ready to book with us at their first meeting. In fact, Loretta knew exactly what she wanted: no full length wedding video, just a short highlight video. "Just like the ones on the website, I like those," she said.

So we were able to create maybe our most cinematic video ever, not having to worry so much about the conventional coverage that would be needed for a longer edit. It did take a long time to place all of the shots and create the non-chronological storyline you'll see in this video.

As David mentions, Loretta did most of the work planning this wedding, and the awesome Jen Opsahl of Hello Bella Events put it all together on the day to create a picture perfect wedding. And also toughed it out in the rain to give Loretta the outdoor wedding she MUCH preferred.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Janis ♥ Jon ... SDE

I have to admit that one of my favourite aspects of weddings is the bride's costume changes. She can represent several sides of her personality with her various dresses worn during the day. I don't mean it as a negative when I say a wedding can be a performance, with the venues being stages for that performance. Our whole concept of wedding videography is film-production-in-a-day, so "costume design" is key.

Part of the performance is remembering to be in the moment and actually take in what is happening. If you haven't yet been married you may not realize how much changes in those few short hours on your wedding day. It can be too much to absorb. (P.S. you should hire a videographer.)

The other part is to share who you are, through every detail of the "production design" of your wedding. The bubbles, the bird cage and of course the dresses were some of the details that made this wedding so sweet. After the last change, I had to ask Janis where she had found these amazing dresses. "I had them custom made," she answered. This kind of thing just inspires us all the more to create something special for our lovely couples.

And regular readers of this blog will understand the shot of the huge platter of bisque ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Faezah ♥ Anjum ... The Reception

Earlier this year I blogged Faezah and Anjum's Henna Party and Ceremony, and now here's the reception from that weekend. This was our first chance to work with Lisa Gregory, and to be honest I've never seen the Fairmont Waterfront looking so sumptuous and well put together. The whole night was a beautiful tribute to the happy couple and especially their families, capped off by some awesome dancing, fun and food.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Right as Rain { my car accident }

The things we do for our clients! Last Thursday the 19th I was driving west on Kingsway on the way to a wedding rehearsal at Fairmont Pacific Rim. Just after the point where Kingsway feeds into Main Street, a vehicle in the left lane veered slightly into my lane. Then it suddenly crossed my lane and I could not avoid smashing into the side of the car. The collision and my reaction to it forced my car to the right. I saw a fire hydrant through the windshield. Just a horrible split second later I smashed into it. The car filled with smoke and big yellow blobs, which turned out to be the air bags. At that moment I froze and assumed I'd be trapped in the car. But when I tried the door it opened. So I jumped out and headed for the sidewalk. Then I remembered that i had some equipment and got that from the trunk.

All the emergency vehicles came very quickly and the whole thing turned into a community event as you'll see. There were a lot of spectators taking pictures and video, but I still felt pretty silly filming my own demolished car and the wreckage I made of city property. By the way, if you drive down this part of Main, look east and you'll see this whole stretch of sidewalk cordoned off. The pressure of the water actually lifted the pieces of the sidewalk up.

Needless to say the car is a write-off and I'll be getting a brand new vehicle - thanks ICBC. Not really worth it but it did give me a good story to tell and a chance to use my favourite Adele song. And yes I am now "right as rain" so don't worry!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ariana ♥ Dean ... SDE

Easily the best part of creating an SDE is showing it while the DVD is still warm from being burned and experiencing the video with the guests and the bride and groom. I'm always surprised by how different the video feels as opposed to while I'm editing it. And there are several shots that surprise me, that I had totally forgotten about! There is so little time to create an SDE that often I haven't really watched the video myself until it goes on the screen.

Like the song says, Dean takes great care of Ariana. A small example is the block and a half walk they took from their apartment to one of our meetings. Maybe there was just the slightest chance of rain, but Dean was sure to bring an umbrella for that 2 minute walk. Dean seems to give every detail of his and Ariana's life his fullest attention at all times.

Ariana is an amazing makeup artist and I felt that a shot showing her applying her own makeup was more than welcome in this video.

And yay we got to work with the super-awesome Ellen and Brian of Hong Photography today. And also enjoy Colin & Upright Decor's perfect calla lily centred decor.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nadia ♥ Eddie ... SDE

FIlm production in Vancouver runs the gamut from the shoestring budget indie to the over-the-top Hollywood production. On the shoestring end, At Queenie and Tim's wedding a few weeks ago, we witnessed a music video being shot handheld through the sunroof of a 70's VW van. That had to be some shaky footage! Today we spotted a deadly looking black car with a crane mounted on top, being escorted around DT Vancouver by a motorcycle cop. The black car was filming a grey luxury sedan following it through traffic. Fun to watch. Expensive.

Well, Cedric and I pulled out something even more affordable than both of the above: a GoPro. You can see a brief shot from this (Nadia and Eddie waving from the trolley) in this video. Looking back I'm amazed at how many ways we mounted cameras and made them move today, all while putting together what may be our best same-day-edit yet.

So where does Love Story Media belong in that spectrum of Vancouver film production? Watch the video and you decide.

Huge thanks to David and Danny Custodio for introducing us to Nadia and Eddie. Here are two photographers who literally stop traffic at every wedding and regularly produce jaw-dropping work

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nancy ♥ Dave .. SDE

Here was a wedding where every detail was perfect and beautiful. From the super-talented make-up artist Charisse Mae to the stunning dress and shoes and above all to the incomparable photographer Jana Vackova, every aspect was carefully chosen. We really felt like we were among the "chosen" wedding vendors today!

Dave and Nancy are so easy going and really were great to have on the other side of the camera. So upbeat and ready for any pose and always looking great. And of course some really powerful emotions that came out during the ceremony. And when we played this SDE which was great!

It was super-awesome running into some happily married LSM couples - three to be exact - and catching up with them. Add the unbelievably rowdy reception and it was an unforgettable night.

Full credit to Dave for finding the song, "Amazing" by Andrew Allen.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Queenie ♥ Tim ... Highlights

A very wise videographer once said, "It is all in the anticipation." I think he meant that it's the interplay between what you think is going to happen and what actually happens that creates your experience of a given event. Anticipation definitely played huge role in this wedding, not least in the moments before the ceremony. The atmosphere in Canadian Memorial - jammed with guests on both sides of the aisle - was overwhelming. The nervous chatter gave way to a hushed silence before the ceremony got underway. It was an amazing moment.

Queenie and Tim have been together for a very long time - since high school. How's that for anticipation? Both they and all those close to them have known for quite a while that they would tie the knot. But as in a great novel or movie, where even if you know the ending, it's the process in reaching that point that is fascinating, every moment carried a great deal of emotion and meaning.

The morning was jammed with events, enough for at least two weddings all by themselves. Multiple tea ceremonies as well as other traditions in three separate locations. I'll add that the lavishness of all these proceedings was breathtaking.

The photo session with Roger and Holly of Union Photography was gorgeous, and as always it was TOTALLY AMAZING working with them all day long. Have a look at the gorgeous photos here!

Thanks to Queenie and Tim and everyone who played a part in this wedding for making it unforgettable and for creating the overload of great moments for us to capture. If you look closely you'll see almost all of the same people - including Q&T - in Nancy and Peter's video in the previous blog post!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Nancy ♥ Peter ... Highlights

This wedding was a standout in so many ways, but I think I can render it for you with two simple factoids. One is the amazing food, which we hard-working videographers appreciate more than you can know. Special props to the lobster bisque and ice wine.

Two is or rather are Nancy and Peter. The nicest people ever. Think of the nicest people you know. Multiply the niceness by about 10. Throw in an amazing sense of humor and some irrepressible energy. Okay you are getting the idea of these two. Nancy and Peter, you really rock, and yet you carry it so well!

I've cheerfully laboured over this video and now I'm ready to release it to the public, as I think it conveys some of what this perfect wedding was.

And as a bonus, here's the amazing photo shoot with Roger Mahler of Union Photographers:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ivy ♥ Gordon ... SDE

At the consultation and meetings before the wedding, Ivy and Gordon came across as pretty quiet, reserved people. I was actually a little unsure what to expect on the day, and just thought it would be a "normal" wedding. On the way to the getting ready locations, a song came on the radio that I've been wanting to use in a same day edit for a long time. ("Sweet Disposition" by the Temper Trap) I mentioned this to Cedric, and said, "but it would have to be a really high-energy wedding, and today is not going to be that." Then after the totally bonkers door games, Cedric and I had the same thought: yep we can use that song.

We showed the SDE at about 9:30, and included just the very start of the reception in the video. Trust me that this four minutes does not at all convey the insanity of the reception, with small groups of people marauding with wine bottles and making sure everyone was drinking "enough." And we've never been in the presence of nicer people, who were SO helpful and friendly throughout the night.

Click here for Raymond and Jessie's stunning photos from this day.

Abby ♥ Kurtis ... Highlights

A self-described crazy couple from Alberta, Abby and Kurtis met on the way to Las Vegas on a "reading trip." Likely story ;) For their beautiful Vancouver wedding, they chose Ron Basford Park and Performance Works on Granville Island. It was a perfect overcast day, with the boys crammed into a little suite and the girls luxuriating in the penthouse at the Granville Island Hotel. Then it was one of those perfect moments when Abby walked down the aisle to "Here Comes the Sun."

This video owes a lot to the amazing photo shoot with Leslie of Sakura Photography, and of course to the awesome work of Tanya Peters of Milestone Events. But most of all to a certain "craziness" that was on display all day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shermineh ♥ Ali ... SDE

Filming three weddings back to back has its plusses and minuses. We did it twice this month, and it makes for a gruelling weekend - and yet there is the added bonus of weight loss. Everything hurts and you're barely conscious - and yet by day three everything is so automatic that shot after shot just happens and the day is a thrill. What you're about to see is day three.

Sherm and Ali are so fun and easy to be around, and every second of today was awesome. As my ears ring from The Reception of the Endless Dancing - these people are in good shape! - I think back to both Ali and Sherm being so calm and themselves in front of the camera all day. This is what we love.

We had originally planned a fairly generic pop tune for the SDE, but as the day (and the awesomeness) progressed I dug into my library and found something a bit more mysterious and, yes, epic. I think the switch paid off; it was so great watch Sherm & Ali watch and enjoy this video.

Tara ♥ Alex ... Sealed Words ... SDE

Urbane, hip and sophisticated are three matching words that well describe Tara and Alex. Tara is an interior designer, and rose to the challenge of creating an amazing environment in Performance Works and coordinating the entire day with a wicked shade of green.

Alex is so cool that I didn't expect a ton of emotion during the ceremony. Particularly since he and Tara had their first look earlier in the day. But no; Alex was overwhelmed by the moment seeing his bride arrive down the slope of Ron Basford Park.

And then after the ceremony, Tara and Alex sealed away letters to one another to be opened and read on their tenth anniversary... a beautiful moment.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

William ♥ Julie ... The Windows of Heaven

We were particularly looking forward to this day, for a couple different reasons. First and foremost of course are Julie and Bill, who were so great to talk to right off the bat, particularly with Bill bringing his graphic design background to bear on an analysis of the Love Story Media logo!

Also, we had a feeling this day would be a respite of sorts - this was the third wedding in three days, and a drive out to Minter Gardens just past Chilliwack seemed like the ideal way to close out the weekend.

But as always we were unprepared for how touching and momentous this wedding would be. Here are some of the moods and images from that day.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ellen ♥ Jon ... Right beside you ... SDE

One of the dilemmas in planning a wedding is music. Traditional or edgy? Live or recorded? DJ or friend with iPod? Ellen and Jon bypassed this whole problem. It must be great having a friend who will teach himself how to play violin just so he can perform the processional music for your ceremony. Jon was a little nervous about this though, and that practice session that starts this video is the result!

As for the song choice for this same day edit, we had a chance to see Ellen and particularly Jon partying pretty hard at a wedding a couple of weeks ago. But I had a feeling that something truly heartfelt would be called for on their wedding day.

Just want to mention the tea ceremony that was held after the ceremony at White Rock Baptist Church. It was almost a "meta" tea ceremony, with a comprehensive lesson in culture and language thrown in for free. After the usual tea ceremony had concluded, everything got flipped around and younger family members served tea to Ellen and Jon. Very sweet!

Then followed a beautiful photo shoot which allowed us to break in our newest lens and work on our tans.

Thanks Ellen and Jon for including us in your day!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Simi ♥ Rob ... Smile Robbie! ... SDE

According to "The Sikh wedding rituals are elaborate and vibrant." True, but a bit of an understatement. It's a great strength that the Sikh culture is so embedded in the wedding traditions that Sikh weddings are world-reknowned for their length and lavishness.

The downside is that it can become an ordeal for the happy couple who, well, just want to get married. Clearly Robbie was feeling the burden of the months of planning and long days of celebrating as the video gets underway with his maiya ceremony. But that big, warm smile is gradually unveiled and then flashed over and over.

Simi and Rob put so much confidence in us to capture their wedding, we made sure to create a same-day-edit worthy of them and that trust. And one that was much longer than any SDE we'd done up until then. Just to extend the wedding a little more ;)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lilian ♥ Henry ... In the same place at the same time

One of the themes of many of our recent weddings has been couples that do not live in the same city or even time zone. Long distance relationships almost seem to be the norm. Being able to be so far apart for months or years really demonstrates how close their hearts are.

Of course this distance just makes it all the more sweet when the wait is over and the wedding day arrives. In Henry and Lilian's case, the wait is not quite over yet with Henry still a ferry ride away for the time being. But from now on, the "tortoise" will do all his journeying with his "hare."

... and click here for more info about Japa Dog ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Miran ♥ Corey ... She doesn't even drink coffee.

It's always flattering to be hired by a couple that works in film or media. Miran and Corey work in animation and met in their first class at VFS. They are quite clearly the perfect match for one another, and Corey's homebrew aromatherapy has tied them more closely together still.

See Jeanie Ow's photos from this wedding here.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cynthia ♥ Ed \\ May 23 2010 \\ SDE

Cynthia and Edward's best wishes box pretty much tells the whole story. You can see this colourful box made out of lego near the end of the video below. It even had a little swing-away slot also constructed from lego. Nearby was a table with a massive pile of smarties boxes, containing only red and pink smarties; just beside the head table, there was a big basket full of Kinder surprise. Plus, Edward's last name is "Toy." Cool.

These and other details show how much fun Cynthia and Ed are, and how young and warm their hearts are. Ed took some time out to text and even take photos using his little red cell phone, and it was not at all out of place. If you were at this wedding, you'd totally understand.

And another plus, it was SOOO much fun working with Gina of Butter Media. We have shot A LOT of weddings together and it's always a blast to work with her.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sara ♥ Jared \\ May 21 2010 \\ SDE

I really expected this to be a tender and touching day, and it was. This was the big reason for choosing the song, one of my favourites, "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele. The small reason was that the forecast called for rain. I probably shouldn't say this but I secretly hoped for some drops to make the song click a bit better. All those mentions of storm, rain and wind...

Oh well, can't complain about the always stunning Garden Birch Terrace at Swan-e-set and the epic journey everyone has to make to get there. The bridesmaids actually practiced the walk once they had put on their shoes. They pulled it off, but the ring bearers ... not so much!

I was truly humbled by the emotions Sara and Jared have for one another and expressed today, and tried to fit as much as possible into this same-day-edit.

And be sure to check out Jamie Delaine's oh-so-gorgeous shots from this wedding.

Banafsheh ♥ Kevin \\ May 1 2010 \\ Trailer

I guess I can officially say that we do a lot of weddings. One of the best parts of this job is meeting incredible people you never could have imagined. B and Kevin are like two firecrackers in a jar. Let me leave it at that and just note that the highlight of the night for me was when the Persian Knife Dance morphed into the electronica robot dance cake cutting session. The song you hear in this trailer was exactly what was playing at this moment, and it was awesome.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Faezah ♥ Anjum \\ May 15 2010 \\ Highlights

There is something special about arriving at a wedding and feeling as if you've entered a completely different world, and perhaps a different time. Faezah and Anjum's wedding contained a lot of firsts for us, and it was challenging and exciting keeping up with all the things we'd never seen before. Everything from traditions to textures and from foods to fabrics pushed us to try new things with our cameras. Here are the highlights from the Henna party on Thursday.

And here is a short trailer from the Nikah ceremony on Saturday.

And have a look at Jamie Delaine's amazing shots from the Henna Party.

... And here are Jamie's beautiful photos from the ceremony and reception.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sharan ♥ Hanish \\ March 19-21, 2010 \\ Highlights

It's not exactly heartening to be asked while dragging yourself to the car after the final day of an epic event, "Did you enjoy our miniature Indian wedding?" What? Miniature? We're tired!

As much as they tried to downplay it, Sharan and Hanish's wedding was beautiful and big in all the important ways. There were two families from distant continents joining for an incredibly warm and relaxed celebration. There was a crew at work at Sharan's family's house, seemingly around the clock, keeping everything flowing and everyone fed. And there was Scott of SDJ Photography who did amazing things with light during our tour of Hycroft Manor. Miniature? I'd say grand.

And finally, everyone made us so welcome and did everything possible to help us create this video. Especially Sharan's dad, who was tireless in keeping us informed and energized throughout the weekend.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Warren ♥ Bernadette \\ March 26 2010 \\ SDE

Warren and Bernadette gave their guests three chances to shower them with stuff: it started with silver streamers as they walked down the aisle, then bubbles during the first dance. Then WB topped it all by departing through an arch of sparklers leading from the hall, down the stairs and to the car at Westwood Plateau. Then there was a classic moment when the fire alarm went off. I guess it's the equivalent of church bells ringing after a ceremony, but a lot more... hot.

There were 5 specific shots we were asked to incorporate in this video, and my favourite is the doors opening to reveal Bernadette. We kept the focus on Warren to emphasize his reaction, and if you watch his shoulders you can see a shiver run through his spine. And how epic does Bernadette's giant veil look out of focus in the background?

A couple tips of the hat, first to Leslie of Sakura Photography; we calculated that this was our fourth wedding together in the past half a year - so great working with her again! Second, the amazing Joel at Westwood Plateau, who couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful. With his help were finally able plug into the WP wireless system - so we had perfect audio all night!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winnie ♥ Brandon \\ Trailer

We loved this wedding so much. So gorgeous all day: Beautiful dresses, colours, locations, weather, and most of all, people! Inspiration in every direction. This was Cedric's first wedding, and he got some great set-up footage as well as some superwide balcony shots during the ceremony.

The UBC Boathouse is such a great venue; seemingly any shot including those curving pieces of metal looks cool. The only drawback is the seagulls are quite loud, but I can't complain, they really added to the visuals of this video.

It was great working with Justin of Hyperfocus, and you can his photos from this wedding here.

Tali ♥ Benny \\ August 9 2009 \\ Trailer

So what kind of couple hires Love Story Media to film their wedding? Any kind, really, but surprisingly many of our clients themselves work in media or film production. We like to think it's because we appeal to how they like to create themselves. We always hope to create the video you would yourself if you weren't too busy getting married.

Benny is a highly accomplished and creative animator and filmmaker, someone who never runs out of ideas. Luckily, the amazing Tali can run right alongside him, as you'll see in the video.

Filmed in Richmond and at Temple Sholom in Vancouver.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flashback \\ Jacqueline ♥ Maury \\ Trailer

There are a few weddings from last year that we'd like to blog, and first up is Jacqueline and Maury's wedding at the University Golf Club. With due respect to all our weddings, this had to be the most emotional ceremony we've filmed. The very personal and heartfelt vows - with tears raining down - made this part of the day unforgettable.

And at the opposite end of the night, during the first dance Jackie and Maury tore up the dance floor, even inviting their salsa group to join them and help put on a spectacular show.

Add to that an amazing photo shoot with Leanne Scherp of LS Photography and, yeah, we had fun. By the way, here are Leanne's shots from this wedding.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Kristin ♥ Tyler \\ December 31 2009 \\ Highlights

Yes we were there until midnight, and no we didn't mind at all. Right after the bouquet toss, party paraphernalia were distributed and at midnight the room absolutely exploded with confetti. Fun, and as we say, "great for video."

Tyler's ring and Kristin's bouquet both incorporated family heirlooms, and in his speech, Tyler basically made everyone cry with his tribute to his family. But that just made the partying that came afterwards all the more sweet.

So here is everything else that happened that day! It was great working with Jen of Hello Bella - who went for 22 hours straight including flipping the room at Sutton in 3 hours - and meeting Erich Saide, the first photographer to out-gear us in a while.