Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kristin ♥ Rob \\ Oct 3 2009 \\ Highlights

Firstly, a quick note that, despite what it may say in the following video, there is nothing "easy" about planning a wedding. If it was easy for Kristin to put together this amazing day, it was because she had help from the phenomenal DreamGroup Productions.

Everyone knows that photography and videography are two very different things, but one of the big lessons of our four years in wedding videography is how much we share with photographers. Not just in terms of composition and light, but also in telling a story using images only.

Where we differ is in the use of motion and sound. Anyone following this blog knows how much of a role motion plays in our videos, with steadicam shots running through every one of them. This video shows just how potent the sound of a voice can be. And how much of a narrative it can create, giving meaning to what we hope are some pretty striking images.

Thanks to Camille and Chadwick at Jonetsu Photography for being so fun and inspiring to work with. They blogged their amazing photos here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dorothy ♥ Andrew \\ Oct 3 2009 \\ SDE

One of the more common questions we receive from couples is "Who chooses your music?" I'm never quite sure if this indicates we have great taste, or terrible taste, in music, until the couple assures me it's the former. Great and unique music is very difficult to come by, and we'd have a much easier time if our brides and grooms weren't so, well, great and unique!

Not only did Dorothy and Andrew not want the typical schlocky wedding music, they specifically requested we avoid romantic music. There was a back and forth for weeks until finally we settled on this song, one of Andrew's favourites. It went well with D&A's other request for the video: that we capture the energy and the vibe and stay away from the "beauty shots." Natalie still went ahead and got an amazing ring shot that fits right in.