Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Diana ♥ Binh \\ Nov 21 2009 \\ Highlights

This was our last wedding of the season and we really wanted to pull out all the stops. The main challenge in this case was the ceremony, at Ryerson Church. This church is tied with Canadian Memorial for the darkest church in the Lower Mainland. Also the one with the most restrictions on how you can shoot. So we set up 5 cameras and used the best possible lenses to be able to film in low light. It was great having so much coverage in place when that huge tear welled up in Diana's eye.

But the fun part of the day was the roast pig, both filming it being hacked away at and eating it. Incorporating some of the ambient sounds here was a must.

I think it's obvious what the fun part was for Diana and Binh. At the end of the night, Binh confessed that the entire day was just a prelude to the reception. They definitely know how to party!

Monday, November 16, 2009

DreamGroup's Brock House Wedding Show

It was très fun being at the Brock House Show this year, here's a little morceau.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Super 8 || Sue + Rob's Photo Shoot

I'd like to bring out a video from the spring to show another lesser known feature of Love Story Media videography: Super 8 film coverage. Super 8 - or any film - has many advantages over digital. Colour is more flattering and high contrast light is handled better. Each film frame is unique and lends an organic feel to the footage, whereas digital is sometimes too perfect.

Of course digital is very convenient to work with, and less expensive than film, but every photographer and videographer has a warm place in their heart for "the real thing."

We offer super 8 coverage as an add-on to our digital coverage. We shoot two 3-minute rolls over the course of the day, and mix the footage into the edited video.

Have a look at this photo shoot, with Jasalyn Thorne, from Sue and Rob's wedding in April. (Jasalyn's photos can be seen here.)

And here are the highlights, with even more Super 8 footage:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gina and Chris || Love Story & Wedding Highlights

Gina and Chris' wedding today gives me the excuse to share one of our little known services with you: the Love Story.

The Love Story is a chance for you to tell your story in your own words... and for us to put together a touching and eye-candy-filled entertainment for your reception guests. These videos are typically 6-8 minutes long, and are the perfect thing to show just before you are introduced, or just after your slideshow.

See more of our Love Stories here.

By the way, Gina and Chris are photographers specializing in wedding photography; their company is called Butter Media. We've shot many weddings with these two and they are our FAVOURITE photographers. It was so fun and almost surreal to see them tie the knot, but such an honour to be on the other side of a camera capturing it all.