Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jamie Delaine, Amazing Photographer

There is a wonderful photographer working in Vancouver by the name of Jamie Delaine. I've never met a photog more excited about her craft and what she can do for her clients. She is producing some amazing work that you should see.

I created a video for Jamie a couple of months ago, and now - drum roll! - we are releasing it to you! Enjoy!

Make sure to visit Jamie's site and her blog.

Thanks to Kyle Richtsfeld for the sweet motion graphics work.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 19th, 2009 || Alyssa + Matt || I Swear It's You

This video started as a surprise same day edit Natalie created for Matt and Alyssa, and now includes a bit more of the day to qualify as "highlights." It was an amazing day, M&A definitely know how to be on camera. And also how to spontaneously kiss at just the right moments. The entire wedding was charmed!

Jasalyn Thorne took us to some sweet photo locations, beginning at Coal Harbour and ending at the new Convention Centre. It was our first time there but this is an instant classic location for wedding imagery. Have a look at Jasalyn's shots here.

See the post from Saturday night (below) for the hazards of being a Steadicam op. The sacrifices we make!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19th, 2009 || Love Hurts

To all you videographers and photographers out there, here's living proof that a filter for your lenses is a good investment. Both L-lenses slammed into the gangway, but were no worse for wear. Good times!

I played this for Matt and Alyssa right after, and they laughed so hard... who could blame them?

Friday, September 18, 2009

September 12th, 2009 || Ramona + Kevin || Will You Follow Me?

There are a lot of ways to film a wedding, and I often tell clients that if they hired two separate videographers for their day, they would see two different weddings. We strive to make a fresh start with each wedding and create something that comes out of who the bride and groom are. And that's never been more true than in this video.

For all the planning that goes into a wedding shoot, the best shots always come out of instinct, out of our response to the people, places and events of the the day. Mona and Kevin always speak to one another in a whisper, and seem to communicate on their own wavelength. Luckily, a camera, properly handled, can decipher any language.

Best of luck to Mona as she follows Kevin to New York.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 4th, 2009 || Tetie + Miguel || SDE

Everyone lucked out on this day. Not least the awesome weather, with what can only be described as "timelapse clouds" over the Celebration Pavilion at Queen E Park. Tetie and Miguel are the perfect match for one another and the emotion definitely came out during the ceremony. At first, Tetie could not stop laughing, then she moved on to tears of joy during the vows. It was really a beautiful, warm ceremony.

The getting ready was a pleasure to film, especially with some extremely shallow depth of field work on the 5D camera. It was also our first time with a very wide lens you can see a in a few shots. Great fun to film and edit!

... and it was a pleasure working with Roger and Holly of Union Photography again!!!