Saturday, May 24, 2014

「 highlights 」RAMAN & TALVEER

Secrets of wedding planning: 1. Take over a resort. 2. Fly in all the best vendors. 3. If you party too late at night, remember, you can always have your hair and makeup done while you're still sleeping. 4. Consider stocking up on umbrellas, just in case.

This was the windiest and wettest wedding we have ever attended! It looks like they are used to it in Tulum. They even have a guy who can walk on a ladder while deploying the rain covers for wedding tents! They think of everything.. I still have sand in one of my tripods.

Raman had two things she wanted her video to capture: family and fun. Can do. Family and fun everywhere! We even had a bit of spare time to go scuba diving. It really made me feel grateful to be able to be on dry land and just use my lungs. Breathe in... breathe out... Ahhhh.

Raman was also pretty specific in her music choices. It's basically what you'd have in your head after your 5th tequila shot, finding yourself surrounded by strobe lights while being carried on someone's shoulders.


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