Saturday, April 5, 2014


Totally an exhilarating day, and not a wedding I'll ever forget. By the end, videographer, photographer, planner and our assistants had a little powwow, celebrating a truly awesome day. It was what Harumi calls her Dream Team: us, Bebb Studios and of course Harumi Suzuki Signature Events.

What made the day so special was an extraordinary couple. Two people absolutely in love and so happy to share their happiness. The breathtaking locations didn't hurt either: a dream home in Deep Cove, Reflections Lounge at the Rosewood Hotel, with perfectly appointed decor, and finally Terminal City Club.

And yes the weather, which was just maybe a bit too hot, and yes the float plane! Steve Bebb, myself and half the bridal party jammed inside and took the quickest possible route from Deep Cove to Coal Harbour. We arrived at the Rosewood when our assistants were still on the other side of the bridge!

All in all, an over the top classy wedding with two beautiful people. The result of this intense day is one of our best SDE's ever, which I'm so happy to finally share!

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