Monday, February 10, 2014

「 highlights 」GLORIA & GAVIN

A wedding is only one day, but so much planning goes into it, and even once it's over, there is the editing, the client proofing, the perfecting, and then the magazine submissions. Sometimes it takes some time. So, here it is, Gavin and Gloria's heartfelt, emotional and lavish wedding.

I first met Gavin and Gloria a year before their wedding, and in that year their wedding totally transformed. Looking back, it would be hard to imagine the wedding taking place anywhere else than at Holy Rosary Cathedral, and at the Rosewood Hotel. As you'll see in the video, these two locations are at the heart of their relationship.

I think I can identify quite well with both Gloria and Gavin. They are both a combination of the instinctive and the cerebral. They know how to be happy but also want to understand what that happiness consists of. And they are simply great people: warm, strong, considerate, and thoughtful. They are not in a rush, and they want to get it right. So in that sense, it's fitting that we're sharing their wedding now.

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