Monday, October 7, 2013


There is definitely something cosmic out there. Something that creates beauty out of chaos, like a pair of scissors slicing through the clouds to reveal a blinding sun. It happened midway through Kiki and Corey's day, which up to that point had been pure, rainy chaos. When I started in the wedding industry 6 years ago I experienced many days like this, so it was sort of a throwback. To days when having things work the way you wanted was an impossibility. When you had to throw out your usual approaches and improvise every moment. It was good.

I put this video together quickly as a teaser for Kiki and Corey. Except for a very brief meeting, we had not met before the wedding and I wasn't sure if they at all knew what we'd be creating for them. So before they left town I wanted them to see some of what we had captured. Also, I absolutely had to share the opening time lapses, shot from the Teahouse in Stanley Park right when the sun exploded from behind the clouds.

It was fantastic to work with and especially hang out with Soha and Shar from CountDown Events and the inimitable Jana Vackova.

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