Monday, September 16, 2013


One thing I've tried to practice in my life of late is to live in the moment. To not hang on to the past too tightly, and not live in anticipation or fear of the future. It's only the present moment that is ever real, and by drawing all your attention to it, you can live it fully. So what of all the millions of moments that are passing by as we speak? What happens after they are gone?

A wedding is often the most important day in ones life up to that point. In this video, the concept was the passage of time and how it can make almost any event seem trivial. At some point, what was once the most important day of your life will be decades into the past. So it's worth reminding yourself to stay in the moment, to embrace it and feel it and notice everything about it, before it's gone. This is the time of times.

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