Friday, July 5, 2013

「 highlights 」SARAH & JAS

Here's a video that took pretty much FOREVER to reach the blog. It began as a same day edit and my editor and I polished it to its current form. I love it and I hope you'll watch it.

This video embodies the detail and lavishness of Sarah and Jas' wedding, as well as it's emotional undercurrent. You could make an entire video just shooting the costumes and accessories, and that's pretty much what first ten seconds of the video is. It's also easy to get buried by all the events that take place. So we were selective about using only the most striking shots.

One of the fun challenges of this wedding was making the most of available light. For most parts of a wedding, we don't try to control the lighting but rather use what's available in the setting. It was quite difficult for the ceremony, with the pool of daylight falling on the couple with the rest of the room having much dimmer, artificial light. But I cannot complain about what is basically a spotlight for whenever the couple happens to be right under the skylight. It really separates them, makes them pop out against the background.

No complaints about the light during the pre-reception photo shoot. It was the most amazing "magic hour" lighting you could find, in and around the Olympic Village.

Big thank you to Amrita (of Amrita and Vik fame :) ) for getting her brother to hire us. We loved to be able to hang out with her amazing family again.

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