Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Some people seem so calm - almost too calm. They take everything in stride and are always able to make decisions internally, consulting some inner world that they are secure in. Crystal and Andy got engaged only two years after they met, and got married just over two months later. Certainty is a wonderful thing.

One way to make choices is to consult the traditions of your culture or your family. It's so interesting to see how people incorporate these into their weddings. Some push against them and others welcome them. Some pick and choose what suits their vision, others take on tradition in its entirety.

From when she put on her qipao until the end of the tea ceremony, Crystal was covered and surrounded by red fabrics and patterns, even under her feet. Everything she touched was red, from her gloves to the tea cups to the red envelopes. To me it seemed like a metaphor. The individual is surrounded by tradition and yet is free to grow within it.

I personally am not a fan of rules, but in creative work there is often too much freedom. Having rules forces you to direct your creativity, forcefully, in one constructive direction. It's like having a room in which to construct both a ceremony and a reception. Restriction spurs growth. Perhaps it is the same in life.

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