Tuesday, May 28, 2013

「 engagement 」KIRAN & PERDEEP

LSM has now filmed MANY Indian weddings and have learned a lot about the traditions. And we never ever get tired of capturing them. The engagement ceremony is a mini-ceremony unto itself. I used to cover so simply, just myself with two cameras. Which is perfect for many of the pre-wedding events, but not quite enough for an engagement. Two videographers, three cameras, and a lot of movement are just right.

It's interesting to compare this video with Crystal and Andy's. Both incorporated traditional ceremonies, but Kiran and Perdeep were I think more interested in spending time with their families and having the maximum amount of fun with the traditions as a backdrop. Actually, it took some convincing for them to let me use Indian music with the video. I think it's perfect but we are still open to a different song. Suggestions welcome!

It was also great to have so many foreground elements, to enhance the motion of our steadicam and slider shots. Candles, photographers, whatever it takes. Dynamically linking each shot like a tapestry where everything in the finished product is unified is one of the joys of videography. I also had fun designing the closing title, overlaying, blurring and warping the text against one of my favourite shots.

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