Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jasmine & Jae ... To Build a Home

Every building needs a solid foundation. And building a building is hardly proof that a foundation is in place. Time is a powerful tester and only the strongest home or relationship can stand up to it.

For me Jasmine and Jae epitomize what an ideal couple look like. I've never met two people more self-assured and yet more flexible; more secure and yet more fluid. They prove that once you are happy in yourself, and have reached that point of maturity where life is pure joy, you are ready to give yourself 100% to another person.

For them, I broke the rule of never using the same piece of music twice, and donated a few (joyful) hours spending time with them at the site of their new abode and at a few of their favourite West Van locations. And with them and with Chermaine Wu and thanks above all to Harumi Suzuki, we put together a beautiful wedding film I'll always be proud of.

We've had to hold off on releasing this one, but here it is in all it's directness, openness and glory: Jasmine & Jae's wedding.

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  1. Love, love, love! Another amazing video Erik! And Jasmine you looked absolutely breathtaking, I'm so happy for you guys : )