Monday, January 7, 2013

Edith ♥ Kelvin { Highlights }

Weddings are such an amazing place to meet people and experience new things. This video begins with Kelvin's mom playing a traditional Chinese instrument, the Guzheng. It was quite the surprise for Kelvin to see this kick off the same day edit, as his mother very rarely plays. We only asked her to play for a few seconds, but she blew us away with her dedication and focus. She played an entire piece, beautifully, though she was bashful and asked me to not use the actual sound of her playing. But she had turned what I thought was just a touch of home decor into a living, breathing piece of culture.

Edith and Kelvin chose Hycroft Manor for their ceremony, truly the ideal setting for their wedding. In addition to my favourite of all ceremony settings, it features gorgeous old world rooms, with windows opening to reams of ivy. These became the background for most of the detail shots, including one of my favourite ring shots. An old window slowly opens and pushes aside the ivy, as the camera comes to rest on Edith and Kelvin's rings. A sweet and gentle ending, for a sweet and gentle couple.