Sunday, December 23, 2012

Elisa ♥ Danny { SDE }

Danny proposed to Elisa on Christmas Day, 2011. Almost a year later, on the eve of their wedding, he surprised her again: booking Love Story Media for their wedding cinematography. It was extremely short notice, easily the shortest ever for us, but we were as grateful to be there as they were to have us. Elisa and Danny's wedding was the perfect reminder of the best aspect of this job: making people happy by creating something special for them.

So many touches throughout the day were carefully chosen and designed. This was definitely a "branded" wedding, with each detail fitting into the overall aesthetic. This extended to Elisa's gift bag / care package / survival kit that she gave to her bridesmaids. The groomsmen also came prepared, with a little Pelican case filled with, yes, $800,000 dollars. What's the conversion rate for monopoly money?

While filming a wedding, we're always looking for outstanding visuals. Some need to be created, such as the stop motion of the groomsmen's "shooters," or the two little umbrella shots just before Danny opens the umbrella over Elisa. Some are found. I was mesmerized by the sea of cameras and phones being held up during the ceremony. Also it gave me the feeling that videography is definitely an industry with a future. Everyone wants to capture something special.

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