Monday, November 5, 2012

Sofia ♥ Robert ... Highlights

Holy Rosary is the largest and most imposing church in Vancouver. For videographers, it's a bit of a tricky one, due to the challenging light, huge size and filming restrictions. For anyone who enters it, the church has a story all its own. Father Dion did a wonderful job of telling that story during Sofia & Robert's ceremony.

And as the editing suggests, we don't think all those fancy accoutrements of weddings are distractions at all. There's a sense of arrival as we see Sofia appear on the screen, surrounded by her bridesmaids. Then there was a touching moment when she opened her gift from Rob. It's just wonderful to look at someone who is so happy.

And then Sofia slipped on a pristine pair of Louboutins. During the photoshoot as I was shooting the underside of the shoes, she jokingly asked if I could photoshop out the scuffs and marks. I guess a pair of shoes can only be new once, and then they become yours.

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