Friday, October 12, 2012

Rhonda & Jim. Highlights.

With the 2012 Crème de la Crème show just around the corner, we feel very lucky to be working so often with CountDown Events and their wonderful clients. When we do a CountDown wedding, we can be sure it will be gorgeous top to bottom and will run smoothly and effortlessly. Rhonda and Jim's wedding was as massive undertaking, involving easily the most lavish and sumptuous ceremony setting we have seen. And the wedding came at such a busy time for Soha at CountDown; literally all of the vendors were in awe of what she was able to achieve. Her drive for perfection and her joy at successfully creating this event were clearly evident on this day.

Rhonda has quite the drive for perfection herself. She wanted everything just right for her wedding, and had an enormous amount of patience during the morning going over every detail. She also took time to edit and re-edit her speech to her parents. As she said in the opening line, it was difficult for her to find words that were worthy of them.

The Fazioli Suite at the Fairmont Pacific Rim was buzzing that morning, and there was quite a strong breeze flowing through the sliding door pushing the drapes out, like the negative image of the Dark Knight's cape. So it had to be used in a couple of shots. First we set up a shot using a mini Fazioli piano and Rhonda's rings. It took a few minutes to arrange everything just right. We started rolling and I executed the first take. And… it was our last take. We nailed it on the first shot, with the curtain swirling and flicking absolutely perfectly. I just love this shot.

I have to add that it was fun to be able to shoot in the Fazioli Suite, given my connection with this particular piano brand. Please watch our promotional video for Fazioli, which we produced earlier this year. It is a true luxury item. Speaking of luxury items, it was a joy to work with Leanne Pedersen for the second straight weekend, after Sarah and Carson's wedding.

Last word goes to Jim, and incredibly down to earth and accommodating person. I think he defines what a man should be: so content and secure in himself that he is prepared to truly look after another person.

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