Saturday, October 20, 2012

Corrine & David. Highlights.

Couples like to debate about who noticed who first, who felt something special earliest. Dave is clearly a man who works on instinct, and his instinct was loud and clear that Corrine was a girl to pursue. So against the ultra dispiriting backdrop of a tuition payment lineup, Dave noticed his future wife, and chased her like a camera chases a butterfly. No shame in admitting he was first!

Corrine was a joy to film on this perfect day in a nearly perfect wedding venue, the Laurel Point Inn. Dave is certainly someone who loves a challenge, such as an Ironman competition, or a free spirit such as his new wife. There was some minor but real drama with a tie malfunction that afternoon, and Dave quickly found the person who could help, and had similar enough black ties for his groomsmen.

The ceremony setting was decorated elegantly by Colin of Upright Decor. Then the sun dove and the winds picked up, and picked up and toppled the canopy harmlessly. It was an "English" wedding, with charming hats and long speeches, and even a visit by "the Queen."

We kept looking out the window towards the end of the night, and did some sunset photos with Kyoko, and closed out the evening with one of my favourite time lapses. I came away from this wedding knowing it would make a great video, and I am so proud to share it.

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