Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sarah ♥ Carson ... SDE

This was one of those gorgeous and fun weddings we look forward to. Sarah got ready at a lovely suite at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, with her bridesmaids flitting around and helping us with her amazing dress and accessories. Sarah luxuriated in pink Valentino flip flops while we shot her incredible Louboutin shoes. Sarah says they were very difficult to get a hold of, and I think everyone fell in love with them.

For this wedding, we took along a special motorized tripod, which allowed us to get the two opening shots at Vancouver Club. We captured the set up of the ballroom, that you don't see completely put together until the end of the video. I really love this shot of Sarah and Carson dancing, with their guests and the beautiful decor arrayed behind them.

The ceremony was just perfect, definitely a CountDown Events wedding. You just can't ask for a nicer setting to get married in. It is a bit of a tight space, and I spent some time working out how we would get awesome coverage of the ceremony while being invisible. We hid in doorways and behind draped tables and got some lovely shots without being in the way.

Soha and Shar from CountDown were SO lovely to work with, and we absolutely can't wait for our two upcoming Countdown weddings this year. They are always highlights for us. Getting another opportunity to work with Leanne Pedersen was a treat as well. It's always good to rub elbows with someone as obsessed about the perfect image as I am.


  1. Wow what an incredible video. great edit

  2. What a beautiful wedding. You guys looked like movie stars.