Monday, August 6, 2012

Lila ♥ Ray ... SDE

"Good afternoon, folks, and welcome to the hottest day of the year." This is how Brent Sheppard started Lila and Ray's ceremony. Yes, it was a very hot day, and shade was hard to find. It reminded me of Michelle & Aaron's wedding, where I was so hot and groggy that I wasn't sure if I'd survive the day. Also I was coming off a big Indian wedding and SDE, which I will be blogging next. But I told myself, that was one of the best videos of 2011, so why can't I make an amazing video today?

"And you feel like an ocean being warmed by the sun" is my favourite line from Simple Song by The Shins. It's a great song about letting down your guard and allowing yourself to be loved. I like how this lyric pops up right when Ray kisses Lila after putting on her necklace. She chose to open this gift after Ray arrived, to his surprise. It made that moment even more special.

It added extra fun that two of my favourite vendors were working this wedding with me: Jayna Marie and Jackson from Red Flash Photography. I've mentioned Jayna over and over, and she has a couple super quick shots in the video. Jackson also appears, in a super cool shot of him snapping a huge group shot. This is a very very high energy and creative photographer that will take your wedding into a different dimension. Inspiring person.

Ray told me that he and Lila would have a "typical Chinese wedding." He is a very down to earth person, that took time to work with Mohammed and Aaron, the wonderful AV people at Hotel Georgia, and all of the vendors to ensure the reception would go smoothly. And with the amazing staff and food at Rosewood, it absolutely did. Can I mention that I love the drop down screen, on which our SDE looked amazing?

I'll close with a special word used by Lila and her bridesmaids, after snapping pics as they so frequently did during the morning: "Memories!"

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