Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lauren ♥ Jason ... SDE

“It really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Then at some point I noticed my eyes growing moist: tears began rolling down my cheeks...” - Arthur Rubinstein, upon hearing Sviatoslav Richter play piano for the first time

I was touched in so many ways by this wedding, and the emotions I was feeling translated directly into this video. I feel like the quote above applies: nothing out of the ordinary, but somehow an emotional current is present in the images. Even the mundane opening scene with people gathered at a backyard party communicates a lot. My favourite shot is a visual rhyme, with the metal tongs being used to scrape the naan out of the oven looking like the bow of a string instrument, as the violin on the soundtrack hits a high vibrato.

And then the connection to the engagement party: Lauren's sister taking the dog for a walk, cut to black, boy in street clothes walking across the frame, and steadicam into the hall where now everyone is dressed in suits and saris. Moving between times and spaces with overlap and rhyming so that the overall structure is seamless. I also enjoy how the video returns to the backyard party, with another shot of naan being served. This time a man refuses, and pats his belly. So time has passed: the naan has been eaten and we are ready for the actual henna to begin.

This section shows off Lauren's natural, cheerful personality. Effortlessly happy. It was her family that hired me to create this video, and Jason's side hired a separate company that you can see in this video. Jason is the most relaxed person, upbeat like Laruen and a lot of fun to hang out with. I love how he is totally unfazed by getting ready at his family's palatial mansion. That's a big house.

The ceremony consists of a series of telephoto steadicam shots. I am obsessed with telephoto steadicam now. It's not an easy shot to do. I zoom in all the way on my 24-105 lens, or in the case of a shot from the bride prep of this video, throw on my 135 f/2.0 lens for a super tight and shallow look. There are three shots beginning with Lauren and Jason rising that I'm quite proud of.

After Lauren's doli I played this video for her aunt. She was beside herself with emotion, and wouldn't let anyone see it. I was really happy that I was not the only one who got so emotional watching this video!

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